Mattie Message: Take Time For Yourself

As you’ve noticed, this month has been terribly sporadic. Of course there’s been a lot going on. The new site went up, I got a new writing gig, a national radio gig and launched my own online radio show. Aside from that, I still write for another site part time. And in case that wasn’t enough, life threw in a death in the family, my best friend’s birthday and my 1st year anniversary, so please forgive me for neglecting the site as I have.

I returned from out of town Monday and I just couldn’t bring myself to look at a computer yesterday (Tuesday). I just really needed to take out time for myself and regain semi-sanity. (Because let’s face it, are anyone of us writers really sane?) I’d really like to say that I was soooo busy yesterday and give a validated professional excuse on why I didn’t post but nobody likes a liar. Instead, I finally got that work out in, grabbed a smoothie (and cheeseburger from Five Guys) with friends and caught up on my DVR with shows I hadn’t seen in a month.

What I’ve realized is that as adults – man or woman – you have to take out time for yourself. Away from your significant other/spouse, away from friends and away from work every now and again to regain clarity.

Did I think about all of the work I could have gotten done and needed to catch up on? Sure. Because I’m human, but I forced myself to relax and bask in totally nothing. This country is notorious for working people to death – literally – and giving no sort of real pay off. A week of vacation in my eyes is not enough down time after working 300+ days a year. And in our generation of I-need-instant-gratification entrepreneurs, working 23 hours out of the day is just silly. I’m all about working hard and being diligent, but not to the point of having the luggage under my eyes every. single. day. We’ve seriously got to consider our ROI – return on investment. If I invest 48 hours straight of my time or x amount into something the payoff has to be greater than the investment. I’ve seen others (and myself) get caught up in doing everything and sometimes getting nothing out of it. Instead of doing something all day long, how about taking half the day and working efficiently?

The rest of my year is going to be hectic and I’m okay with that, but every now and again when I need balance trust that I will take a random day off. I may miss out on a few more readers or even a few more dollars, but at least I wouldn’t have missed out on life. And there’s no price you can put on that.

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  1. You look adorable!

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