Mattie Message: Hoes, Homewreckers & Housewives

In the latest scandalous internet gossip, a certain promiscuous video vixen has created a video not only exposing her relations with a young Southern rapper, but also the fact that he’s drug addict. I’m not naming names because well, this isn’t that kind of site. (And we already know who.) The point I’m trying to make or better yet the question I’m trying to ask is: why do we even entertain this type of news? Why are these types of people even of any relevance to our sufficient lives? Is it because we like to see the rich and beautiful fall and fail? I mean, really. What’s the point of all this?

I feel like this kind of behavior and news is so redundant that it’s not even phasing anymore. I get it because I’m just like any other woman. I have emotions and I like pop culture. So when I hear that this-person is dating that-person who is still married to the-other-girl my predictable “oooooh” reaction is as genuine as you might expect. But after the 3rd or 4th time, my “oooooh” has politely and inevitably become a silent shaking of the head because I’m completely over it. We glorify these reality stars who we’ll forget next year, laugh at attempted suicide from the fallen American Idol and we applaud the the award winning singer’s philanthropic work even though she’s a pregnant “homewrecker.”

So is this what our generation has come to? Aimlessly playing in internet traffic? Are our lives so plain that we get off on the unacceptable behavior of the famous people? We’re so quick to judge and throw our used to be favorite singer under the bus because she took somebody else’s man. And let’s be honest, we all know (or are) someone who’s been in a very similar, if not same exact situation before. So what makes them so different? Because they’re under the new media microscope?

Here’s my issue. Am I okay with what any of these people are doing? Absolutely not. Am I even in a place to judge? Of course not. My issue is that we care too much. We’ve become people with breath, but have no depth. Look, history has proven that rock stars (which now include hip hop stars) partake in sex, drugs and rock & roll. Adultery has always and will always exist. And reality TV is a very effective mindless activity to use when you want to take a break from real life. But let us not excessively glorify or condemn these people. With the energy we use to do that, we could be going from good to great. From a 9 to 5 to our own office with our very own business. Instead of being in the world, we could be changing the world. I’m making the decision to stop caring about hoes, homewreckers and housewives because I prefer to be happy, healthy and hungry. Hungry for a life with endless possibilities that has nothing to do with who’s sleeping with who or whose multimillion dollar house is in foreclosure.

80% of the entertainment we watch and read is driven by malice and vanity. Vain pursuits are empty. And I don’t know about you, but I plan on living a full life.

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  2. I cant believe people glorify this type of behavior argh! She is a mess!

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