Mattie Mention: The Shameless Plug for Better Brands & Blogs Post

Planning on taking your blog or business to the next level in 2012? Make sure you have a vision for it. A vision board, too. Join me and Tasha of Imperfect Concepts for . We’ll be chatting about how to take your small business to the next level (Tasha is an amazing stylist who has a flourishing online boutique) and how to transition your blog from a hobby to something that gets you noticed and to the next level in your career.

I’m huge fan of vision boards, but for a couple years I had such a generic and broad one that I wasn’t accomplishing anything on it. Once, I started making 2 boards – one personal and the other professional – and getting really specific on what and when I wanted to achieve something, I started checking things off my list one by one.

This is what is for – making your vision board specifically for your blog or brand. That idea that you have is worth creating a full fledged vision for. And this is where you can do it. For FREE.

We’ll be providing all the materials – poster boards, magazines, markers, glue, tape & light refreshments. All you need to bring is a smile and positive attitude. If you live in the ATL area, be sure to join us on Jan 30 from 6-8p at the Buckhead library. Register .

See you there!

6 Responses to Mattie Mention: The Shameless Plug for Better Brands & Blogs Post

  1. Such an AWESOME idea!! I wish I could attend, but I know you and Tasha will have an AMAZING event!

  2. Looks like this will be a great event! I wish I could be there!

  3. I’m so there! Can’t wait to see you all!!

  4. This sounds really cool. The idea of making a vision board for your blog is one I haven’t heard. Kudos. Too bad I’m not in the ATL to take part.
    Best of luck.

  5. i wish i could be there. Wishing you tons of success Mattie!!

  6. had a ball on monday! i was truly inspired! i am looking to host my first blogger event at j.crew within the next couple of months and i would love for you to be there! let’s chat soon!

    happy blogging,


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