October 2012 Favorites

Oooooh, this is becoming one of my favorite posts to do here on the blog. This month I couldn’t get enough of my Tory Burch frames, my ASOS boilersuit I got on sale and some Sweet Mesquite BBQ potato chips per Cape Cod. You know me, it always comes down to food. I also dish about beauty and share my thoughts on my new hair/look.

Check it.

3 Responses to October 2012 Favorites

  1. I love Cape Cod Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno! YUM!

  2. I really enjoy your videos..I’ve been debating on doing videos on my blog. Love your new hair and I need some eyeshadows so I might have to check that out.

  3. Thanks, Erika! I’ve been having a blast doing videos. You should give it a try. And you’ll love the NAKED palette, I promise!

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