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I discovered Megan Biram’s blog, MIMI + MEG, during the Full Time Fabulous competition and have been a fan since. She’s got impeccable taste in everything from droolworthy decor and gorgeous jewelry. Her charming voice also stands out on sites like Glitter Guide and her uber adorable modern parent blog, Stella and Henry. Aside from blogging, Megan’s also incredible artist and self described “social media junkie”. Whether she’s having insightful coffee talk or dishing her favorite fall trends, Megan’s aesthetic is always impressive and her style, always inspiring.

For those of who may not know your blog, tell us about Mimi + Meg and how it came about and what kind of content can be found there.
MIMI+MEG started four years ago as place to keep my aesthetic collection. It has mostly remained that and still focuses on fashion, interiors, art, style, trends and parts of my life.

Describe your personal style and when exactly did you discover it?
I think personal style is ever-evolving. I like to think of my style as edgy, global, and classic. I wear a lot of black and love edgy jewelry, yet I love global patterns and color, and still have go-to classic outfits.

When it comes to shopping, who consistently gets Megan’s dollar?
Shopbop. They carry so many of my favorite designers and they are so reliable and easy to work with. They really know their products. You can call and ask them if a certain brand runs large or small and they could tell you.

Blogging has become more popular over the years. What makes Mimi + Meg stand out?
In the past year I have really tried to come up with original columns, well curated roundups, and have consistent branding. But most importantly, I have active commentary with my readers. I talk to them on MIMI+MEG, on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and also meet them in person which I absolutely love!

You always know about the latest products in fashion and beauty. What products would I find in your makeup bag?
Wow, beauty isn’t necessarily my strong point. I literally have one makeup bag and a few additional eye shadows that were mostly likely free. I’m terrible at doing makeup and have used the same things for years. Lancome Hypnose Mascara and Benefit Benetint are my main beauty loves, but lately I’ve started experimenting with lipstick, and I think I’m hooked!

Here at Mattieologie, the motto is “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE”. How do you live what you love daily?
Since I moved to the DC area I’ve been working for myself, and really challenging myself to do just that, live what I love. I’m definitely getting there and am happier in my work than I ever have been. I’m working on a few projects that I’m really excited about, and have started painting again and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing that.

**Much thanks to Megan for the interview. Be sure to check out her blog, MIMI + MEG, follow her on Twitter and like her Facebook page.**

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