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Ok, so it’s been pretty obvious that I’ve been running around to various events and slightly neglecting my baby (this blog). It’s because I had another blog baby with Hubs (who’s an awesome graphic artist by the way). isn’t some fancy smancy British name we just thought of. It’s my married name and my maiden name. We noticed that there wasn’t any lifestyle blogs out there of young, twenty something couples that looked like us talking about the things we like to do (we’re not parents and by no means are we relationship experts). We love hanging out with friends, we’re total foodies, we’re all about bringing positive energy in our lives and those around us and always up for a challenge. It’s about a month old and a total work in progress. I’d love for you to check it out. Tell your friends and then tell them to tell their friends and so on. Oh yeah, if you’re on Twitter and Facebook, be sure to follow us there as well. Below is one of our weekly videos to entice you to read the blog. I apologize for my husband’s rap Tourette’s.

So that’s a total of three blogs I now run. This one, JamesElious & Atlanta Style Bloggers. Please bear with me. I think I’m gonna finally get that intern. Not sure why I’ve been avoiding it. I needed one like 4 light years ago.

8 Responses to Mattie Mention:

  1. You two are so cute! Love Mr. rap!

  2. I absolutely adore the videos. This is an excellent concept. It shows couples working together in a hip trendy way. I love it.

  3. LMAOOOO I can’t even focus on anything in that video except your face when your hubs is rapping LOL!

  4. Excited for all your ventures. James Elious site has inspired me to work harder towards my goals. Thanks loves

  5. My favorite vlog from James Elious is the “make it work!” vlog! LOL. I was cracking up! Keep up the great work!

  6. Awwww, thats so adorable! I love how you guys came up with the name! I will definitely be checking it out!

  7. Great Video and Topic!! You two gave great ideas. I will definitely take it in consideration :) Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com


  8. Too hilarious! I love the video dear! Great concept of the togetherness project with the hubs! xx

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