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In the spirit of spring and all the awesome bloggers I’ve gotten to know so far this year, I wanted to share them with you – my readers. I’ve gotten to meet them through Full Time Fabulous, FBFF or just plain ole blog surfin’. I came across this next blogger during the Full Time Fabulous competition. Brooke’s blog, Just B, was so engaging and original that I’ve been a fan since. I got the chance to ask her some questions (and she had some great answers.) Check her out and be sure to visit Just B and show her some love!

Mattie: What is Just B Blog all about and why did you start?
Brooke: Every day I would spend endless amount of time online shopping and finding great deals or fun trends that I wanted to tell my friends about. I started Just B as a way to share my thoughts, inspirations and tips when it came to fashion. It quickly grew to my nail polish and beauty addictions as well. It all began as a creative outlet for myself and has grown to be a place where I continue to share my thoughts and inspirations but also share tips, how-to’s and product reviews.

M: What’s the best part about blogging?
B: I love how accessible blogging is. I can do it from anywhere and anyone can read it. What I personally have gained the most from blogging is the community of bloggers I have developed relationships with from networking events or from just twitter.

M: If possible, would you blog full time?
B: Absolutely! Though sometimes I feel as if I already do blog full time. Even when I had a 9-5 or was still in school, I spent the same time I did working hard at work and school on the blog because I want it to be enjoyable for everyone.

M: Where do you see Just B in a year? What steps are you taking to get there?
B: I hope to see Just B readership grow and develop a strong community of readers that communicate to me and other readers through social media. I want it to be a place to ask questions, give suggestions and share. I try to create questions that engage my readers in my post that will encourage them to join the conversation. Just B isn’t one sided, its from me to you.

M: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
B: This is a hard question because I find new bloggers all the time that inspire me! Though from the beginning Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere has inspired me with her consistency and amazing photos.

And I am currently loving the new Kate Spade tumblr blog. Huge source for bright colors and inspiration!

M: Finding inspiration can be difficult on a daily basis. Where do you find your inspiration?
B: I have over 100 notes in my iPhone from me quickly jotting down an idea that came to me during traffic or in a movie. If I am really struggling for inspiration I find myself shopping or in a beauty store. There is nothing like new jewelry or a nail polish to drag you out of your blogging rut.

M: When people visit Just B what do you want them to take from it?
B: I hope they are inspired and want to try the trends or products I suggest on their own. I write it all to share with them and hope they are daring to try new things!

Be sure to check out Brooke’s blog, Tumblr, Facebook & Twitter!

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  1. i actually came across her blog as part of the FTF blog event as well. it is very creative–thanks for the interview on her.

  2. Hey Cheryl! Yeah, Brooke is awesome. She’s so creative and refreshing. Excited to see where Just B is going :)

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