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I’m so excited to announce what I’ve been working on so tirelessly for the last few weeks: . For those of you who have been reading Mattieologie for a while know that I developed the Be Better workshop when I won Miss Liberia USA and took it to various universities. Well, I’m on to the next ‘Better” platform which has everything to do with blogging and branding. I really love blogging. It’s something that I could do for free for the rest of my life. Yeah, that much. I’ve always been a fan of putting words together and helping people grow so I thought I’d put the two together.

Anyways, I wanted to personally invite anyone in the Atlanta area who reads my blog to attend. It’s an 8 hour intensive on how to successful brand, present & pitch your blog and actually get results. We’ll extensively cover Photoshop basics, email etiquette, media/press kits, blog presence, photography skills/editing, who to collaborate with, how to monetize your blog (aside from Adsense & traditional advertising) and what makes your blog valuable.

While some of us blog for fun, the rest of us are blogging for profit and in an industry that has no rules there are still professional guidelines that need to be followed. When you’re done with this class (which includes me sharing every mistake I’ve made in the history of blogging) you’ll be equipped to realistically profit from your blog. If you’re planning on blogging professionally (full-time) you need this class.

The cherry on top?

It’s at a dynamic space and I’ll be feeding you breakfast and lunch! Hey, it’s the least I can do for making you spend the with me. For more info on the seminar and to register click .

The class is in Atlanta and we’re taking it to the DMV area next!

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  1. Jamie

    This sounds soooo awesome, but for those not in ATL and unable to attend, will you be video taping the class and making it available to view after???? I hope so!!

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