Mattie Mention: 4 New Shoes for Spring!

Hold your horses folks. Or in your case – your laptops. I made a video. The first one of 2012. And even more exciting news, it’s about shoes! Within the last month or so I’ve gotten four new pairs of shoes and I wanted to share them with you. From my RACHEL Rachel Roy booties to my amazing glittery ZARA sandals, here are the new additions to my shoe closet.

4 Responses to Mattie Mention: 4 New Shoes for Spring!

  1. Highlights of this video:

    1. “I haven’t posted since 1986”
    2. the pause in the video with the caption “That’s right $19.99”
    3. “This is a I’m trying to be cute at a 2hr event and taking it to the car kinda shoe”

    I love the Rachel Roy’s! Love your background! Loved the video!

    I will be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend..

  2. LOL. Thanks, Shay!

  3. Sooo i had to pause this video JUST to comment on your description of the rachel Roy boot to be “sexy as F”!! Lol…love it!

  4. “Obviously, you’re going to get them. Unless you’re stupid.” You made out so well!

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