Mattie Memo: What’s In My Bag

I’m a total bag lady. I’m always the girl with bag bigger than everyone else’s. I just feel like you may need anything at any given time. So the big bag and everything that’s in it gives me options. For the most part, I’m glad I have it. Other times, it’s just heavy.

1. Wallet (from Target)
I’ve had this wallet for almost two years. It’s been so good to me. The darker shade of pink totally represents my favorite in a shade where if the wallet gets/is dirty you won’t even notice. (I had a white wallet once. Tragic.) And I would love to tell you that my wallet is bulky from my racks on racks on racks, but nobody likes a liar.
2. Flip Cam (c/o Sunglass Hut)
Scored my Flip Cam from Sunglass Hut during the Full Time Fabulous competition last year. I’m looking to get a custom one made before Flip officially goes defunct. And for quick easy videos, I suggest you too get you some.
3. L’bel Hand Cream
Best hand cream ever.
4. Ray Ban aviators
5. Mattieologie business cards
I made it my business to make them bright pink. Naturally. If you ask me for a business card, you will make it your business to remember me.
6. Revlon Matte Lipstick
In Really Red. My favorite red lipstick in the world.
7. EOS Lip Balm
In Honeysuckle Honeydew. So good. Makes it hard not to lick your lips.
8. C.O. Bigelow Apple Rose Salve
Good for everything and the scent is amazing!
9. Blackberry 9700
So excited about this phone. Why? Um, last week I had the ancient 8520. Didn’t even have a flash on the camera. Pssh.
10. Carol’s Daughter Sugar Dipped Vanilla
If you love sweet scents, this is the queen of all sweet scents. Rolls on. My favorite part.
11. Ray Ban wayfarers
Because one pair of sunnies is not enough. It’s just not.
12. Spare Nikon camera battery
It’s like a blogger commandment.
13. Fruit Stripe gum
Why in the world do I still chew this? Because it’s a little piece of heaven. Since, it lasts for like 60 seconds so it’s a minuscule piece.
14. Forever 21 earrings
I just hadn’t taken these out yet. But good to have nonetheless.
15. Keys
I can never find them since I have to get through all this other stuff.

I know I’m a random character to have all these things in my bag. What would I be surprised to find in your bag?

13 Responses to Mattie Memo: What’s In My Bag

  1. Keke Rachel

    I am so glad to know there is someone else just like me in the world. I am truly a bag lady! I love big bags, the bigger the better. I have a ton of stuff inside, for the just in case moments! I LOVE THIS POST!!!

  2. My bag is full of randomness as well. The line “nobody likes a liar” made me Lol. For real.

  3. Loving the business cards! May have to make a point to make mine more memorable too!

  4. I have the 8520 right now and I hate that it has no flash. I’ve been contemplating switching to android, but I have a weird loyalty to blackberry. lol! I love the flip camera too, its so handy. I use it at my job and it’s perfect. So small, it fits into almost any bag and it gets the job done.. Love your blog content Mattie. You have the brightest ideas, like wearing a scarf many ways or making a shirt into a cute top.. so clever!

  5. Thanks, lady! Color is a great way to get noticed immediately.

  6. Lol! Thanks, Tamara.

  7. The 8520 gives me the blues with no flash. So glad to hear you love the content :)

  8. Haha! Here’s to big bags! Thanks, Keke.

  9. I’m a bag lady too. The bigger the better but yours is actually clean. I have so much stuff in my bag, its crazy. I carry EVERYTHING… literally! hahahahaha Thats why I love me some big bags too.

  10. haha! My keys always seem to get buried in my huge bag. A pair of flats, amongst other things are in my bag… Here’s to big bags! xxoo

  11. @Charee LOL. Um, yeah. You guys definitely got the edited version – without the lint & bobby pins. Literally my life is in my purse. I totally know how you feel. xo

    @Madison Yep, I can never find my keys. Ha! To big bags! Cheers :)

  12. Two pairs of shades and an extra pair of earrings are essential purse items! Along with my blotting sheets and my lip balm.

  13. Love this post! I may have to tag myself in the future if you don’t mind. My bags are huge but an IPhone, altoids, bobby pins (team natural) and makeup bag are necessities. Luckily my car is keyless so I no longer have to scrounge through looking for keys. Best thing ever!

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