September 2012 Favorites

I’m so excited to share my first favorites video. September was a full month between NYFW, my anniversary and let’s face it – LOTS of shopping. I’m totally into wedge sneakers (for only $59.99 thanks to Off Broadway Shoes) and my black leather tote with studs from ZARA. And I bought into the BB Cream because of Maybelline. There’s a lot more, but I’ll let you watch.

3 Responses to September 2012 Favorites

  1. LoL I am tweeting my little life away.

    I use black soap on my face too. Where do you get the peppermint soap from?

    I have been drinking Tazo Green forever!!1

    Back mad at you for those dang pants!! I want those dang pants. LoL

    Great video girlie.

  2. Great video! I’ll definitely be checking out some of the products you featured. If you could list the products you mentioned in future videos, that would be great! Thanks!

  3. Ria

    I’m addicted to those damn Cleansing wipes, I blame Target after their little freebie beauty bag.

    Okay I really have been wanting to try that Maybelline BB cream. It’s like the biggest Asian beauty secret, so glad it’s come to America so that I can finally get shades for me.

    I haven’t tried Milani’s eye shadow yet but I like their colored liners, they’re equivalent to Urban Decay. I’m a drugstore fiend if you haven’t been able to tell yet. Ohhhhh you use the liner haha. I’m obviously writing this while I’m watching the video. I suck at liquid liner too, I think I’ve told you before.

    FOREVER mad that Klout would not give me that body wash, allegedy because I’m not a beauty influencer. GTFO. So I’m still bitter about that damn body wash.

    You make me want those Shoemint pumps so badly.

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