MATTIE MEMO: Eternity Scarves

Deena & Ozzy Eternity Scarf

What is an eternity scarf? It’s the answer to never losing the perfect wrap of your scarf this winter.

Destroyed Eternity Scarf

Unlike a traditional scarf, the eternity scarf is endless and draped around your neck like a necklace. Then it’s wrapped around two or three times to cover your chest. It can also just be simply draped around your neck, undone. They come in various colors, prints & fabrics and are even made for men. Urban Outfitters sells a few of them by designers like Deena & Ozzy.

The pro? You control when you want your wrap to be undone, unlike it falling down with a regular one.

The Limited also sells their version of the scarf, called the Infinity Scarf.

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  1. Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

  2. I like it :). Thankyou for that, however that is not the limit of my appreciation. I am color blind (tritanopia in my case). I mostly use Opera browser (not sure if that is important), and far too many sites are tricky to understand on account of a poor selection of colours used. However, here, as the choice of colors is fine, the site is amazingly tidy and straightforward to read. I don’t know if this was a calculated and conscious undertaking, or just the ‘luck of the draw’, but just the same, thanks.

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