Mattie Memo: 5 Ways To Be A Lady

Keke Palmer

Has the concept of being a lady totally escaped our generation?

You know I think it’s interesting. The women in our generation are so independent and driven and goal oriented. We’re achieving things career wise that we never even thought was imaginable 50 years ago. However, we’ve never had more single women and the divorce rate as you know is sky high. Is this because we as women have completely lost our roles to being a lady? Is it old fashioned? Is it necessary? ABSOLUTELY. Here I share 5 ways to be a lady without compromising yourself.

Be Lovely. Look no one wants to be around a party pooper. It’s just not fun. You want to be a breath of fresh air. People should want to be around you. Especially men. Cussing too much, burping loudly, saying inappropriate things may get you laughs on the surface but best believe that the most important people in the room will not take you seriously let alone spend 10 more minutes in deep conversation with you. Say something enlightening, compliment a stranger sincerely or here’s a concept – SMILE. It’s contagious.

Be Aware. It’s important to know what’s going on in your situation. Whether you’re at a networking event or you’re on a date. Pay attention to the people around you. Be interested in what someone is saying to you. If you’re not, smoothly change the subject to something you may both have in common. There’s never a good reason to be impolite. If your date pays you a compliment, thank them. NEVER negate it with an insecure rebuttal. Agree mentally and thank verbally. When a lady knows how to take a compliment, that’s attractive to a man. Be aware of your surroundings – dress appropriately (a great blazer for a work function, a fabulous wrap dress for a date, etc.), speak appropriately and act appropriately all to be taken seriously. A lady unaware of herself is a damsel in distress. And we all know that gets old.

Be Demure. We hardly use this word anymore, so in case you need some help (I know I did…) demure is a synonym for modest. Look it’s great to know you look good, but arrogance has the tendency to rear its ugly head. There’s nothing more awesome than a beautiful woman who doesn’t interrupt her good time (or yours) by waiting for you to tell her she’s beautiful. Or by telling you she’s beautiful. That would be such a drag. If you are great, be great. If you are a catch, you don’t have to tell someone that you’re a catch. The compliments, great conversation, effective networking, free drinks, flirtatious attention will all come. We’ve all been around someone who tries too hard. It’s uncomfortable. You are what you attract. Don’t you love being around effortlessly fabulous people?

Be You. Look, I know your mom has said it to you before, “There’s only one you.” But it’s true. Literally, the tackiest thing is to be a carbon copy of anybody. We don’t need another Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton or anybody along those lines. Enjoy yourself, embrace yourself and let the world enjoy and embrace you as well. Being candid and honest about the person you are is extremely respectable. If you’re a girly girl, rock with it. If you’re a sports fanatic, talk about the game last night. Mom was right, there is only one you. So bless us with your presence.

Be a Woman. A woman is responsible. She has her own. She’s confident. She’s polite. She’s determined. She’s nurturing. She’s open-minded. She’s not easily threatened. She knows how to let a man be a man. She’s capable of being independent but knows how to be interdependent. She knows how to flirt without coming off easy. She can tell a good joke without being offensive. She’s appropriate. She knows how to have a good time without getting too carried away. She knows how to be sexy without being slutty. She can take a compliment. She’s assertive instead of being aggressive. She can get her point across without being argumentative. She knows how to be hard to get instead of playing hard to get. She’s not afraid to be herself. And she knows how to be a lady.


5 Responses to Mattie Memo: 5 Ways To Be A Lady

  1. Rachel

    I completely agree with everything you said.Not “Being You” seems to be the problem I am seeing a lot of now. I love your tips!

  2. In a high class gathering, sometimes i see those woman are not “Being You”, they act in total arrogance! Thanks for your tips

  3. Hey, many thanks for the suggestion. incredibly useful. this tend to be much more important inside the longer term, i guess. Albert Stefan

  4. I loved your tips! They are definitely true and definitely are things to think about! Also, they all seem to describe you (which I think is fabulous)!

  5. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person, healthy, wealthy, and wise!

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