Mattie Melt: Jessica Simpson Spring 2011 Shoes

The shoes from the Jessica Simpson Collection always give me life. This season is no different. From sky high platform heels to totally in this season wedges, the collection gives you variety while staying stylish and chic. Did a little online window shopping (which I refer to as a “drive by” because I’m only looking) came across 10 pairs that are worthy to be in my closet. (“Beckery” makes my mouth water.) Grab a napkin. You may start to drool on your keyboard.

1. BRINNA, $89
2. KEDDAR, $89
3. THAIS, $110
4. BECKERY, $98
5. BRISA, $79
6. ELY, $98
7. GENM, $89
8. KORY, $98
9. MASSI, $89
10. KATERINA, $98

2 Responses to Mattie Melt: Jessica Simpson Spring 2011 Shoes

  1. I love all of these, but number 6 is my favorite! Love all of the great content you have on you blog! keep it coming…

  2. Thanks! Yes, I love all of them. Her shoes are awesome :)

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