Mattie Match-up: The Debatable Threading Vs. Waxing Your Brows Post

When it comes to eyebrow grooming, many ladies debate which method is best threading or waxing. Threading is an ancient technique where a string is used to remove hair. Whereas waxing, utilizes a wax-based resin that is placed on the skin and then rips off the unwanted hair.

Many women have extremely sensitive skin and are more prone to threading. Threading has little to minimum contact with the skin. Waxing however, tugs at skin when the hair is removed, and causes irritated sensitive skin making it turn pink to extremely red. Threading solely uses a string to remove the hair, unlike waxing that contains resins and preservatives; artificial fragrances and ingredients that can be a problem for sensitive skin. Sometimes having an allergic reaction is mistaken as sensitivity. Waxes are often based on a certain ingredient like: lavender, tea tree, chocolate, acaí berry and the list goes on and on. With threading eyebrows there’s no need to worry.

Some believe that threading contradicts this natural definition of the eyebrow. Due to the fact that the thread needs to be pulled, positioned and maneuvered at a perfectly straight angle along the brow in order to grasp the hairs. So, every hair which falls alongside the thread will then be pulled out. Thus, demonstrating that the thread is dictating the shape as opposed to a skillful free hand maneuver of waxing. Although, the eyebrow line will be clean and neat, it may be straight and angular which can take on an unnatural look, which may not suited for all face shapes. Some find that threaded eyebrows take on the same shape, just placed at different angles.

Threading and waxing are in my opinion no more or less painful than one another as pain is in fact personal and depends on individual thresholds and in some cases, the time of the month for a women due to changes in hormonal levels.

The fact of the matter is, threading and waxing both yields beautiful results. When it comes to less skin sensitivity, threading is the way for you to go. If you have no skin sensitivies, it all comes down to the preference of the customer; whether she likes angular shaped eyebrows or hand-free manipulations. As long as it looks good on you, threaded or waxed, do what you love and know looks best on you.

3 Responses to Mattie Match-up: The Debatable Threading Vs. Waxing Your Brows Post

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  2. I just had someone at a nail shop BUTCHER my brows after I refused for weeks to let her do them. She then waxed and plucked my eyebrows to just a strip of hair…needless to say I’m waiting to grow them back so I can get them threaded!

    Great post Mattie!

  3. Farrah

    The same thing just happened to me, I usually go get my brows threaded but since my threader pulled a no show on me I had no choice but to get them waxed..And I am upset I should have waited, she stripped my brows down to a strip of hair…needless to say i won’t be going back and now I have to wait for them to grow back to get them threaded and in the meantie use a brow pencil and brow powder to fill my brows in..NOT CUTE

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