Mattie Mani: Stiletto Nails

After a fairly eventful weekend, I took myself to relax and got a mani and pedi the beginning of this week. While I got my pedicure, I convinced myself to try the stiletto nail trend that I’ve seen on some of my favorite celebrities and bloggers. After watching the GIOGO Show consistently, I was easily convinced that it was worth a try. And I must say, I am not disappointed.

I had totally retired the acrylic tips but they were necessary to successfully pull of this look. I was originally going to get a pastel pink (in honor of spring!) with glitter on top but at the last minute I just had the technician paint the tips with the glitter polish. He used OPI’s Crown Me Already (similar). So glad I just did the glitter. It really pops. Looks like I dipped my nails in some sparkly quicksilver. He added two layers of top coat and that was it.

Have you tried the stiletto nail trend? What do you think?

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  1. Cute! You have the hands for it! :-) I’ve seen some folks with fat or weird looking hands and it throws the nails all off! LOL

  2. Love this!

  3. Love it! Im usually not a fan of the stiletto nails but they look fab on you!

  4. Hmmm. I’m so torn w this trend. The shape of the nails immediately make me think that they’d be so fitting for a girl w high-fashion, dark aesthetic. Rihanna during her Rated R album comes to mind. Or girls who live for Rick Owens, Ann Demuelemeester, Comme, etc.

    But then I see the nails get these cute spring colors and patterns and the juxtaposition throws me off. You’re nails are cute, and it’s very creative how u decided to French tip them and play w textures. I think it would’ve been cool if the base was a light smoky gray to give it a reverse ombré effect too.

    I checked out Giogo and loved the 2nd ones from the left. I’m all for trying new things and I think u picked a great way to start switching it up as Spring approaches.

  5. These are the best stiletto nails I’ve seen. You make me want to give the trend a try :)


  6. I think I need to try this. Your nails are everything. But I’m not sure I would still be able to do daily tasks and most importantly, type.

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