Mattie Mani: Smooth Sailing

I wouldn’t say that I got too jazzy with my nails this week, but I’m really excited about the color I picked. Blue isn’t my go to color when it comes to my nails (it’s not?) but Essie’s Smooth Sailing totally changed my mind. Such a fantastic hue of blue for the fall. It totally pops. And right now, I’m in that “perfect length” stage with my nails. Not too long, not too short. (Of course, I just broke one about 20 mins ago.) SIDE NOTE: Totally a fan of short square nails. Again, SHORT and SQUARE. When it comes to long and square we start tap dancing in 90’s territory. If you’re gonna go long, keep it oval or stiletto. Anything else looks tacky. Or 90’s. Which may be okay with you. And if you like it, I love it.

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2 Responses to Mattie Mani: Smooth Sailing

  1. That color is beautiful! Such a pretty blue!


  2. That color is so pretty!! It looks like an Essie color I have but can’t remember the name. I like my nails long and oval, but when they break, I love square and short!

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