Purple Reign Blues

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Finally changed up my manicure from NYFW – seemed like a lifetime ago – and tried out some deeper hues for autumn. I’m REALLY into plums and violets this season and went back to my staple gradient manicure because it just works. For me, anyways.

When I Instagrammed my nails a few days ago you guys asked for the colors. They’re all OPI:

Pinky – Black Cherry Chutney (similar)
Ring – Congeniality is my Middle Name (similar)
Middle – OPI Ink (similar)
Pointer – Into The Night (similar)
Thumb – Blue My Mind (similar)

3 Responses to Purple Reign Blues

  1. I REALLY love the Ink color!

  2. Love those shades, Im a polish girl cute!

  3. I love this! I’ve never tried the pointy nail trend but this is nice!

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