Mattie Mani: Lilac with Spots

I have been slacking in the nail department lately. I’ve been busy and totally neglecting my manis. So to redeem myself, I’ve given myself a fun polish job with a lavender-esque hue with some black spots. I don’t use nail stencils (I am interested in using them one day) but instead I used an old pen to create the dots. I really had to concentrate because I am not known for my steady hands.

(Tumblr made me do it.)

I used Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac and just a basic black nail art lacquer. I poured a little in a paper plate then lightly dabbled my pen to create the dots. I was actually inspired by a mani I posted on my Tumblr. This is actually one of my favorite manicures. What do you think? Too much or cute look?

13 Responses to Mattie Mani: Lilac with Spots

  1. Not too much at all! So cute!!!

  2. Ro

    I love it…Very fun and creative

  3. Cute! When I do my own manis they never look this good.

  4. Very cute!

  5. ooh pretty, pretty! I love it!

    You should come over and do my nails :)

  6. Wow, never seen this nail combo before. I love it.


  7. Michelle Jackson

    I love it, My nails are lilac too
    but the dots are so creative
    and stylish !!! I wanna try this !

  8. SO adorable! Great job!

  9. If by too much you mean too adorable, then yes! :D

  10. This is so cute! I absolutely love them!

  11. Ton

    Super cute! I am going to try this tonight during my pamper me time!

  12. wow, it came out beautiful, I have to try this

  13. Very Spring 2012!

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