Mattie Mani: Essie Turquoise & Caicos

I was inspired by one of my fellow bloggers the other day when I saw them with this incredible teal-esque nail lacquer in one of their OOTD posts. (I don’t remember who it is :() And by inspired, I mean MUST FIND THAT POLISH IMMEDIATELY. Luckily, they were awesome enough to share that it was ESSIE’S TURQUOISE & CAICOS and I scored it at Walgreens. I’ve been wearing it for the last week or so now with my TIP TOE POLISH IN GOLD DUST on my ring finger. Hubs isn’t one for crazy colors usually but he complimented my mani the other day.

In my book, that’s a WIN :)

I think I’m going to rock it out for another week before switching it up. But it’s everything I’d imagine it be and more. It was sorta like taking a “mani” vacation. Get it? Because it’s called “Turquoise & Caicos”.

In my head, the joke went over tremendously well. In this post? Not. so. much.

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  1. LOVE that color! I’ve had for about a year now and plan to replace my old bottle soon! That gold nail is a pretty compliment too…SUPER CUTE!

  2. Thanks, lady! Yes, this Essie shade is something I plan on having in my polish arsenal for seasons to come :)

  3. Goregous! Lovely shade!

    Dont forget to enter our First Giveaway!

    love from San Francisco,


  4. Thanks, ladies! Just entered :)

  5. Hey, you made me laugh! I love Essie and their brilliant, witty polish names. This color is gorgeous! I currently have Mint Candy Apple on my toes – a light turquoise-minty color. It’s such a chic shade and I love the idea of switching up the color on your index finger! Might have to try that out.

  6. MATTIE!

    I’m wearing the TIP TOE IN GOLD DUST on my fingers AND toes as I type! I saw it on you and thought I had to get it! Usually, I hate the sparkly stuff, but this works. Now, I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna have to take a “mani” vaca as well! (Hey, the joke went over tremendously well with me…maybe because I got it before reading your explanation of it. lol) Keep rolling out the tips!

    The closet inspiration on you blog section is amazing! I want!

  7. I love the one gold fingernail on each hand. I think I will try that this summer!

  8. Thanks, ladies! Glad you all like the joke. LOL.

    @Casee Mint Candy Apple?! Um, I need that in my life immediately. Just recently got into Essie but from what I’ve seen I already love them! And you’re right – they have the best names :)

    @S-Laurene So glad you like the Tip Toe Gold Dust. I’m with you. I’m usually not a fan of tremendously glittery polish but this one lays really flat so it works.

    @Tam The index finger trick was something I picked up from my intern last summer. It’s a pleasant surprise :)

  9. I love that color too! I was wondering what it was called. It looks good on you. I am tempted to try it.

  10. Cara Pilar

    I’m actually wearing a deep turquoise now…but I love this color. It’s perfect for the spring and goes well with your skin tone. Loving it!

  11. I love that color! I just spotted it my local Walgreens the other day too, but for some reason I passed it up and now I’m thinking I must be crazy because it is so pretty! Also, the gold accent finger is so awesome! =)

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  13. I’m in love with teal nail polishes this was actually one of the first ones I ever tried.

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