Mattie Mani: Black & White Mix

I finally got to do my nails this weekend before the bestie’s birthday party. (I had run that tribal nail mani into the ground.) I have a rule of thumb: when it’s someone else’s birthday wear all black so they get the shine. I think anything else is inappropriate. Since I was donning all black on Saturday I thought a black and white mani would pop perfectly. I mixed it up a little and played around with various patterns like polka dots, chevron and checkers. I used an old pen to give me the perfect dots and used nail art for the chevron and checker pattern. I painted each nails opposite colors. What do you think? One of my best?

For a similar look try: Deborah Lippman’s Fade to Black and Amazing Grace.

6 Responses to Mattie Mani: Black & White Mix

  1. Your nails are super cute! I wish I had a time to get my nails done like that.

  2. I LOVE IT!! I’m thinking this might be my favorite Mattie Mani yet!!

  3. I am too conservative when it comes to my nails. Not over the top. I need to try nails like yours! haha Lovely nails :)

  4. Cute! What do you use to have your nails dry quick? I love experimenting but it seems like my nails take hours to dry properly! :-(

  5. @Ayana Hey lady! I use OPI’s Top Coat and it gets my nails dry in minutes it seems. I hear that Seche Vite (sp?) is also fantastic for drying nails and making them last. It’s at Walgreens and about $10 but totally worth it if it does your nails well :) xo

  6. Thanks! I’ve heard quite a bit about the Seche line, I’ll try that one out soon!

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