Mattie Makeshift: Collar Shirt to Strapless Top

I’m all about doing new things with my clothes that make me look really cool which is also known as maximizing my wardrobe. Of course, I prefer “being cool.” When I can take a piece and make it look like nothing it did before, I get excited. I recently discovered how to tie a collar shirt into a strapless top and had to share. (I remember seeing it on Tumblr, but can’t recollect where to give the source :( ) After all, I’m all about creating the illusion that I’m cool.

I’ll be using a thrifted denim shirt that’s larger than my usual size, which I suggest. Something too snug may not work. This also looks incredibly cute with a plaid shirt. Okay, here we go:

Start with your shirt being unbuttoned at the first two buttons.

Then take your arms out to create a sweetheart neck line. (Unbutton or button according to your bust size.)

Tie the sleeves tightly to create a silhouette.

Finish by tying sleeves into a bow. To get the bow: Take the sleeves and make them loops then cross them over like an ‘X’. Take the top loop and put it through the opening. Let go of the end of the loop once it’s been tied through the opening. The bow will be messy at first. Straighten it out while tying even tighter. It won’t be perfect (unless you’re Martha Stewart.)

And that’s it. Totally take this idea and show it to your friends. It’ll make you look cool. Trust me. I know.

15 Responses to Mattie Makeshift: Collar Shirt to Strapless Top

  1. OMG, you are right this is the coolest thing!!!!

    have to try it!

  2. Wow! Does it hold up well? Do you feel like you’re about to have a wardrobe malfunction?

  3. @BlitzAndGlam It actually hold up pretty well. Just button according to your body and tie the sleeves tight and you’re good. At least from my experience.

  4. Love your style! Will be stalking…err…following you. :-)

  5. Wow- this is really cute and not too hard! Now I just have to find the right shirt to try this with =)

  6. Yes, try it! Looks great with shorts or pants :)

  7. N.


  8. Speechless at how creative you are!!! Beautiful!

  9. @Alaina Thanks, gorgeous! xx

  10. DOPPEE!! I am so trying this…not sure if it will come out as lovely as urs but it is worth a stab. Very creative

  11. WOW. I never would have thought to do this!! Too cute!

  12. AJ

    OK! I am so doing that. Total DOPENESS!!!!

  13. If only I had small tatas!

  14. CaseyNoelle

    Super cute idea!
    How does the back look though?

  15. Elisa

    I have large tatas (34DD) and it worked pretty well for me. I wore it with a strapless bra.

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