Mattie Maker: Sproos Headbands

I’m such a sucker for a cute headband. So when designer Melissa Matos reached out to me and told me about her new hair accessories line, Sproos, I was automatically sold. I wear my hair in a twist out (or the every now and then ‘fro) so I love to toss cute accessories (bows, headbands, clips, etc.) in my hair to give an extra feminine touch to it. I’m head over heels for my FEATHER BY FEATHER HEADBAND because it goes with almost everything. Plus, can you really go wrong with feathers? With the holiday coming up, I like to wear a little more sparkle than usual, so my JAZZED UP BOW HEADBAND adds just enough dazzling detail.

Check out my video below where I tell you a little bit more about my Sproos headbands and why I love them so much.

3 Responses to Mattie Maker: Sproos Headbands

  1. love this video! Can’t wait to go look at their site. Makes me wanna do more videos. Thanks for the inspiration Mattie!

  2. Oh yay! that’s the headband you were wearing last night. It’s very cute! I’m gonna have to check out Sproo!

  3. Never heard of Sproo… These headbands are very cute & dashing with the sparkles & feathers. Love your make-up! xx

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