Mattie Maintenance: Natural Exfoliator

I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been on a great skin run for the last month or so and I just had to share one of my new methods. I really hate to feel my pores clogged – on my face and on my body – but sometimes the exfoliators they sell just don’t cut it or are too harsh. Well, a friend of mine put on to one the greatest things that have ever happened to my skin: the brown sugar/honey/olive oil exfoliator. That’s just what it is – brown sugar, honey and olive oil. I use this on both my face and body (and if you’re thinking the olive oil will be too oily, don’t worry – it won’t).

FOR YOUR BODY: In a small bowl, toss in 2/3 cup of brown sugar (I use the kind with larger grains per the Farmer’s Market), just enough olive oil to make it pasty (not soupy) and then about a teaspoon of honey. Use all over your body in the shower AFTER you’ve cleansed your skin. (This is not a cleanser. It is only to be used to exfoliate.) Rinse off and then pat dry. You’ll notice your skin is moisturized enough from the olive oil and you won’t even need to lotion.

FOR YOUR FACE: In a cup or bowl, throw in two tablespoons of brown sugar. Add olive oil to create paste and then a little less than a teaspoon of honey. After cleansing your face but BEFORE moisturizing, use exfoliator. Get all your trouble and give your face a good rub for no less than 60 seconds. Rinse off with warm water, then rinse again with COLD water. Pat half way dry (leave face damp). Your face will already be moisturized from the olive oil but add about a dime size amount of your usual moisturizer to skin.

Exfoliate both body and face about twice a week. You’ll notice a healthy glow to skin and consistency of evenness in your skin tone.


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  1. Conniekaprice

    I’m soooo happy :) you put this on here, i’ve been looking for something natural to use! Thanx!!

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