Made You Look: Scarf Face

Hey guys! So excited about the Made You Look blog event today. I’m rocking my Ann Taylor scarf I got a few weeks back. I love scarves because there are so many things you can do with them. You can wear them as turbans, a top or even dress up your bag.

For my first look I wore my scarf as a dress. It’s so long and I love the orange-esque print and fringe :) I just tied it as a halter and belted it (with a Jessica Simpson purse strap). Threw on some accessories and I was good to go. You can’t see my Steve Madden wedges but they were the perfect fit for this outfit.

SCARF: Ann Taylor | WEDGES: Steve Madden | EARRINGS & RING: Forever 21 | BANGLE: gift

For look number two, I tied up the scarf as a halter top. I’ve done this numerous of times but I love how it looks with this thrifted skirt (which I’ve worn before as a dress).

Instead of tying it in a knot – used a hair tie to keep it together and create this cute fringe accent in the back. Love it!

SCARF: Ann Taylor | WEDGES: Steve Madden | RING: Forever 21 | EARRINGS: Miss B Fab

Super excited to see what you all will do. Be sure to use the #madeyoulook hashtag when you tweet your post today and be sure to leave a comment! The Mr. Linky will be up until tomorrow at midnight EST.

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  1. Added my link! So happy to take part in this event – such a fun and creative idea. Blogging has really opened new areas of my imagination that I didn’t even know existed! Thanks again and congrats on this event, Mattie!

  2. My mouth literally fell open…this is incredible!!!!


  3. You did that!

  4. Mattie!!!! O-M-G….You look incredible! that is one bad scarf, omg!!! I love both of your looks. FIRE!!!!

  5. I linked up! :)

  6. I’m looking at the photos trying to figure out how you did it. Great job! I would participate, but the only scarf I own is the one I wrap my hair with at night and that’s the only trick it will do.

  7. You look gorgeous! I wish I had the confidence to wear a scarf like that! I love the print too, perfect for summer and fall. :)

    I linked my post under Mr. Linky :)

  8. I love the way you turned your scarf into a dress! It looks amazing! I’m sorry I couldn’t be a part of this event!

  9. OMG, there is a God! I have access at work. Let me not jinx myself.
    Your look is SUPER cute! That really is a huge scarf. I’d definitely continue wearing it as a dress/sarong. Hotness.

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  11. Thanks so much ladies! Yes, this was a particularly large scarf and at first I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do anything with it. Luckily, it worked out. Thanks so much to each of you for being a part of my first blog event :)

  12. Heeeeey now, sexy lady! LOL!!! You rocked this challenge. The scarf is FAB and I wanna snatch that white skirt right off your waist and put it in my closet Lol!

  13. Hon you look so gorgeous, this colour on you is amazing. I’m loving the event. I love this scarf choice! sorry for my delayed mail. -xxoo

  14. Well, I am super excited about this post seeing as I work at Ann Taylor and recognized the scarf right away! I guess I totally misunderstood the event, because I sent you my photo instead of posting it on my own blog… oh well! Teehee, let me know of future events though! I’d love to participate. :)

  15. @The Loudmouth – I knew you would love it since you’re part of the AT crew. I absolutely love this scarf and got it during the awesome summer sale. No worries, I’ll keep you posted on the next one. The event was sort of an impulse because I loved the idea…we’ll properly planned (and explained) next time :) xo

    @Ladyofashion – Thanks, Madison :) No problem! Hopefully we’ll get you in for the next one ;)

  16. One word for this post: AMAZING!! I’m totally going to do that.

    I guess all I needed to do was to get a MAC ;)
    Very very cute. I love how you worked that scarf. You can wear it as a sarong too if you wanted.

  18. So happy to hear this, Lucy!

  19. LaToya

    This scarf is gorgeous. I love the look of it as a dress!

  20. I wonder if I could do this with lappa!

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