Made You Look: Let’s Get Shirty

So excited for today’s blog event. For this month’s Made You Look, I wanted to challenge us to wear a closet staple – the button down shirt – in various different ways. For fall, I like to wear mine under sweaters and with dress shorts & booties. I did come across a way to wear it as a tube top – which is so approps since it’s still 80 degrees here in Atlanta – and tried wearing it as a skirt. I used the original shirt I turned into a tube top here. And remember Hubs’ shirt I wore in this post? I decided to get myself one in pink and turned it into a strapless top for this post. I was wondering what I could wear the makeshift strapless top with and I realized you can wear it with almost anything – pants, jeans, a skirt, whatever you’d like.

As far as the skirt’s concerned, the larger the shirt the better – mine’s a large. It’s better looking and more comfortable. Oh, and when you tuck the sleeves in, you get makeshift pockets!! My absolute favorite part. So I managed to truly utilize my button down shirts as a strapless top and skirt. How do you wear your button down shirt?

TOP: H&M men’s shirt | BOTTOM: thrifted shirt | SHOES: Bakers | HEADBAND: Target | NECKLACE: Forever 21 | EARRINGS: Charlotte Russe | BRACELET: Sherane’s Vintage Closet

Super excited to see what you all will do. Be sure to use the #madeyoulook hashtag when you tweet your post today and be sure to leave a comment! The Mr. Linky will be up until midnight EST.

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  1. OMG, Mattie, wow! I would have never thought to rock a button up like this!


  2. Your so creative! I could not come up with anything but wearing a plain button up w/ jeans : ( Boring!!!

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  4. So creative and fashionable, love it Mattie!

  5. Omg Mattie I love this!! I wish I could have participated, but I don’t really own any button downs, except Babe’s which is in the dirty clothes, lol. You look AMAZING!!

  6. You are rocking it girl! I love it! I’m new to your blog and I love that too!

  7. Great look! I would have never thought of that! haha. I love how you did the whole bow thing at the chest area. So cute!

    I have posted my link on the mister linky thing :)

  8. This is crazy! You are mad talented. I don’t think I could get my dress shirt to do this! I just might try though – I just tweeted your post. Very impressed! Also, did my intern get in touch with you about a post? I know we tweeted, and just making sure you got followed up with about Nakate :).

  9. Wao!! What a creative way to wear button down shirts!! You look amazing!

  10. OMG, I found out about your challenge on The Fashionista Next Door blog. WOWWWWWW!!!!! You took this challenge to a HIGHER level! Girl this is amazing!!!!! AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a new follower!

    7eventh Letter

  11. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. I’m so glad you all liked! :) xo

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