Look of the Day: Leona Lewis

I really enjoyed this look Leona Lewis had at the UK premiere of Salt last night. Check out the rest of her look. In my opinion, Leona’s either completely safe with her clothes or a little too much to the left. Here she got it right. She donned a beautiful satin WILLIAM TEMPEST A/W 2010 STRAPLESS MINI DRESS WITH SCULPTURAL DETAIL that really flattered her. That color is MAJOR! I think what really helped her dress was the hair and make up. I love how relaxed her hair was down and how her make up played oxy moron with a pop of pink lipstick and teal eye liner. I was a little weary on the tights, but since they’re sheer they work. Black pumps aren’t my favorite, especially with a dress as cute as this, but since they were patent leather, she just made it.

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