Look of the Day: Beyonce in Alexander McQueen

So, obviously Beyonce is the sexiest expectant mom EVER. I feel like everytime I see her she looks even more fierce. (I could be biased. I am a Bey stan.) The singer was last seen in Manhattan wearing a LEOPARD ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SCARF and these to die for ALAIN QUILICI PAYSON SKATE LACE UP BOOTIES with a red blazer and skinny jeans.

Like, what’s not to love? Is the mom to be too sexy or borderline perfection?

6 Responses to Look of the Day: Beyonce in Alexander McQueen

  1. Borderline perfection! Love the red blazed and animal scarf. My only concern is those hazardous shoes. Thanks for the comment and compliment on my blog! You’ve got a new follower!

  2. she is KILLEN em!!!

  3. Oh Beyonce!

    (love it all!)

  4. She is beyond fabulous!!

  5. Definitely not too sexy. If you feel fabulous, you should look fabulous. And if you don’t feel fabulous, you should still look fabulous. It might make you feel better. ;-)

  6. I am totally loving this look! I am a huge fan of red and leopard print, so I was won by first glance. The blazer pulls the look together and is not too-sexy at all.

    Borderline perfection, it is! Welcome to the Fab Mommy Club, Bey!

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