Mattieologie: Licious

Mattieologie: Licious

Mattieologie: Licious

Mattieologie: Licious

Mattieologie: Licious

Mattieologie: Licious

DRESS: H&M // BAG: H&M // SHOES: ShoeMint – old // SUNNIES: Ray Ban // NECKLACE: J. Crew – old

It’s funny. This outfit reminds me of my early blog posts. There’s lots of color and I resort to a lot of the same poses. LOL.

For those of you who don’t know, my maiden name is Elious. When my husband and I started dating, I emailed him something and my email address at the time was my whole name. Later that evening he asked, is your name Mattielicious?! We laughed hysterically as I explained my (former) last name is pronounced Elle-ee-ess. From that day forward, he’s called me “Licious”. It’s become a norm in our house and even an adjective at points (we’ve deemed it means “over the top; dramatic”, naturally). And because my husband is a chronic nicknamer it’s spun off into a series of nicknames that I’ll spare you guys from.

The H&M dress and J.Crew necklace I’m wearing, he got for me as gifts and I’m always so surprised impressed with how much he gets my style. He always says, “I just look for something very Licious.” I added these mustard colored pumps to perfectly contrast with the pink and my new green mirrored Ray Ban aviators that I’m in love with. They’re pretty much perfect. And while I’m thoroughly obsessed with this periwinkle bag I scored from H&M a few months ago, it’s just way too much for me and Babyologie to carry on a daily basis nowadays.

I’ve always been girly and into things colorful and shiny. It’s been fun to see how I’ve stayed true to that as my style has changed over the years. In these photos it seems like I’m looking off thinking about something. As today marks my last day being in my 20’s, I can’t help but be uber reflective.

I guess that’s the Licious in me.

5 Responses to Licious

  1. LOVE the sunglasses and dress. What a cute story too :)

  2. Loving the new hair!!!

  3. Happy early birthday!
    I am loving everything going on in this picture with the different colors an the hair! You are rocking this pregnancy!

  4. You wear pregnancy well! It’s an awesome journey, savor every moment!

  5. Love this color combo!! Pretty!

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