SSDD: Leighton Meester vs. Mila Kunis

When Mila Kunis hit the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards I noticed that she had a clutch I’d seen before. Then it clicked: I saw Leighton Meester wear the same clutch at the 2009 Emmy Awards two years ago. What a difference a color can make! Both of these ladies look gorge but both have very different feels about their looks.

Leighton is very sultry in her white Bottega Veneta gown with very dark & sultry make up; lots of accessories with a red take on the clutch. On the other hand, Mila looks very ethereal in her lavender Elie Saab Haute Couture gown paired with soft make up, modest jewelry & the clutch in a muted hue.

So when you look at these two – Leighton & Milawho wore it better?

3 Responses to SSDD: Leighton Meester vs. Mila Kunis

  1. personally, i would choose Mila if i had to wear it but i pick Leighton, maybe b/c im biased but i love the white and red combo. Very sexy and sultry!

  2. HANDS DOWN: Mila wore it better. By “it”, I mean the look of the night (I guess you could call it that.)
    I’ve loved her from the first time I saw her on “That 70’s Show”. She is amazingly gorgeous and she wears the Elie Saab gown beautifully and OWNS the entire look, clutch included.

    It looks like Leighton’s stylist picked her gown, accessories and makeup and she simply went along with the look. She could have done much better for the event.

  3. I did love Mila at the Oscars this year. Very refreshing. I’ve got to disagree with you here though. Leighton’s white Bottega Veneta gown was dreamy and that red clutch was the perfect pop. If I did have to change anything I would have just done the bold lip instead of overall dark makeup. Beauty is definitely where Mila won for sure.


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