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TOP: Urban Outfitters // JEANS: Current/Elliott // SHOES: ZARA – old (similar) // NECKLACE: c/o PacSun // SUNNIES: Ray Ban c/o Sunglass Hut // WATCH: Target
Mattieologie: Karate

Mattieologie: Karate

Mattieologie: Karate

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Mattieologie: Karate

Mattieologie: Karate

I’m totally giving you Karate Kid. The flats. The tunic. Wax on. Wax off.

The truth is, I’ve been kicking ass and taking names. What that really means is I’ve managed to find a new rhythm and have been 2x as productive since I’ve found it. The rest of the year is pretty hectic with projects and I really need to find a better to manage my time and execute things on my to do list. I’ll elaborate in a later post as I plan on doing a video on how to get organized.

But I encourage you to get out there and karate your things to do list. It’s only right. Happy Monday!

all photos by Diamonde Williamson

2 Responses to Karate

  1. Thx for this encouragement! I too need to get a hold of my life, schedule and prioritize. Right now, I’m gonna start by just gettin up & gettin stuff done. Hiii-YA!! :-)

  2. I can’t wait to read the organization post, I NEED it! And you look awesome as well! Loving the braids

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