Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

SHIRT: c/o Jack Daniels | SKIRT: c/o Lulu’s | SHOES: BCBG – old (similar) | SUNNIES: Target | BAG: H&M | BRACELETS: Honesty Jewelry, Forever 21 | EARRINGS: Harlem street vendor | NECKLACE: Forever 21

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

Mattieologie: Jack & Jill

It’s Hump Day! I’ve been shooting like a crazy blog lady and prepping for the arrival of NYFW, new sites being launched, a new brand campaign, my wedding anniversary and a month before #SBOC2013. But nothing calms you down like Jack Daniels. Even if you’re not drinking it and only wearing a shirt that says it instead. I really like the dichotomy of a really girly skirt and a graphic tee. It’s a great mix that makes you appreciate each piece because the other is the complete opposite.

Does that make any sense? Sorry. I had salt & vinegar chips + pineapple Fanta for breakfast. a breakfast for champions. Still loving my skirt from Lulu’s that I got during Texas Style Council. I know. I still have to tell you guys about that. I’m still getting in the swing of posting content again. Forgive me. Jack did.

9 Responses to Jack & Jill

  1. You look great! Yes you have one busy month ahead but you are MATTIE! You kick butt & take names. Ps. I totally need that skirt

  2. I love this look; the laid back tee with such a classy skirt. You nailed it! Guess opposites really do attract. Lol

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  3. Love this look & I love Jack Daniels!

  4. (snaps fingers) I’m liking this look too much. You’re truly right about how the pieces compliment each other making one love each piece…they blend quite well and most would be hesitant about pairing such items, but I’m glad you did!

  5. This braided up do look SO fabulous on you! I can’t stop going to you IG photos to look at it..lol.

  6. Loving the skirt and I love how you paired it with the t-shirt. Super cute look

  7. This look is awesome, everything about it! I also love to pair unlikely separates. You DID that!!

  8. Love this look! Fab per usual!!

  9. Ivy DeShield

    Loving the tee with this look, Mattie…such a fan of cool logo or “quote” tees to urbanize any look; dressy, professional or casual! I will throw them on with a Calvin Klein suit in a heartbeat…Great style as always! xo, Ivy

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