It’s Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

SWEATSHIRT: Urban Outfitters // JEANS: Old Navy – borrowed from Hubs (similar) // PUMPS: JustFab // NECKLACES: Express + c/o PacSun // SUNNIES: Target // BAG: H&M

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different

Mattieologie: It's Just Different
When I think about summer in Atlanta, I usually don’t envision rain and 65 degree weather. But that’s exactly what August has been serving up here these last few weeks. Hence, why I’m wearing a sweatshirt without passing out from heat exhaustion. I’m so excited to get back into my blogging groove and create content. I was going low key crazy there without photographing myself in put together outfits. You know, I’m the type of person who likes to chronicle their narcissism. Also, I got new hair: BRAIDS! What do you think? Kinda going back to my roots. Growing up, I wore braids all throughout middle and high school. Brandy was my hero.

I don’t know if it’s because I had a gun to my head, but I’m excited. I’M EXCITED! I got a new pep in my step. Things are going REALLY well. (Can’t wait to share all the fab things I’m working on in September alone.) Things were going well before, but it’s just different…

A huge thanks to all of you for all of your kind words after the robbery. It truly meant the world to me.

all photos by Diamonde Williamson

20 Responses to It’s Just Different

  1. HOORAY MATTIE !!! Diggin the look, glad to see you’re back with renewed energy.

  2. Loving this whole look! Especially the hair and that H&M Bag! Yaas, girl yaaas! :)

  3. Love the look! Glad you’re doing well!! :)

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  4. Girl! I love that hair and the sweater! And UO really does have the BEST T-shirts and such. I feel you on the weather. In Texas is has been 85 degrees in August… cray cray

  5. Loving those box braids on you, Mattie. Glad to hear you are doing well, and back to blogging.

  6. Dana

    love, Love, LOVE it — the hair, ‘fit, and ‘tude!!!!

  7. Kamadiva

    Mattie…I know what you mean about things being different! I was robbed recently via home invasion, but luckily, they just took my TV and wallet….and were polite in a way (strange I know). However, I am thankful that they spared my life…as I am worth so much more than a TV or wallet on my worse day! I am still me…but the experience makes you different!

  8. Love, love this look! The braids are so you and loving that you kept your signature sparkle with the shoes! Cute!

  9. I’m so happy to hear and see that you’re doing so well! I love this outfit, it’s so relaxed and masculine meets feminine. You’re giving me braid envy right now! I love it! And I can completely relate to the pep in your step after being mugged. Your life kind of flashes before your eyes and you’re suddenly so much more grateful for everything in your world. I’m so happy you’re okay :)

  10. Awww Mattie! Welcome back dear and those braids are just lovely!! Your hubby’s jeans fits you well. :) Glad to know things are going well for you.

  11. Love your braids! You totally rock them!

  12. Glad to see that you’re back Mattie! And looking amazing as usual :)

  13. margaret

    love it all! The braids are everythiiiiing! You are gorgeous. Inspired me!

  14. Chuqqy

    Yesssss Matie! Welcome back God works in miraculous ways :) love ur poses u cn pose 4 days… Werk it boo!

  15. This whole look is great! I’m loving the braids. I’ve been thinking about getting some done. I think you convinced me!

  16. Really loving this outfit, from head to toe! I’m glad to hear you are doing well and that you’re pressing on. God is good!


  17. Love the new hair and Biggie sweat shirt! You look great girl!

  18. Loving the hair glad to see you bounce back!

  19. So glad to see you back, Mattie! I am loving the new braids- can’t wait to see the many ways you find to style them! Also love the way you paired those necklaces. I just might have to take some inspiration from you and rock that look some time soon.

    Keep on keepin’ on, friend! You’ve got this! :)

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Rocking the boyfriend jeans and I’m loving the braids! <3

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