Mattieologie: Instinct

Mattieologie: Instinct

Mattieologie: Instinct

Mattieologie: Instinct

Mattieologie: Instinct

DRESS: Target // BAG: Target // SUNNIES: Ray Ban // SHOES: ShoeMint

As you’ve noticed, I wear aviators A LOT. I know that there are a slew of other sunglasses options but I really tend to stick with aviators because they work for me.

That’s pretty much my approach with my personal style as a whole. I’ve always been into fashion so I’d like to think I know what the latest trends are. And even if I like them, I can’t follow them all. I’m too short for some of them or I’ve outgrown (age wise) others, so when it comes to figuring out what I wear, I follow my instinct.

As I get older (you know, because I’m 30 now, *flips hair*), I’ve realized that my best decisions have come from instinct versus trend or emotion. I used to be really bad at saying “no” to people because I was afraid of them being upset with me or “not being there for them”. Or I wouldn’t say “no” to certain brand opportunities because I wouldn’t want to “miss out”.

But what I’ve learned? Saying yes to everything waters down your value.

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  1. Love this post, love your blog and LOVE that you showcase affordable fashion here:) Have a great weekend!


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