How Working With My Husband Affected My Blog

Mattieologie: How Working With My Husband Affected My Blog
That’s me and Hubs at Mississippi State University when I spoke there earlier this year. I have to say I’m really blessed. I’m a blogger who married a graphic artist. I’ve gotten many questions about my blog layout and sometimes I feel guilty for being like, “Oh yeah, my husband did it.” He doesn’t freelance anymore so it’s hard not to recommend him to others. (But my sister does, so it ends up working out.)

Aside from graphic design, my husband really has had much to do with the creative process and growth of my blog. Especially within the last two years, which – if you ask me – has been the most successful since I started my blog. I’d love to make the next few sentences about how perfect and easy it’s been working with my spouse, but that just isn’t the case.

To be honest, I was a lot of the problem. Hubs and I are very different: he’s very calculated, I’m very…not. He likes to plan, I like to go with the feeling. He likes to list out the pros, cons and whys of a new idea, I want to immediately bring it to fruition. On the contrary, we are very much alike in aesthetic, taste and standard, but I let our differences get the best of me. Which a lot of times made for an unproductive us.

When I started Mattieologie, my husband was very clear on what he thought it should be: “Just celebrate being yourself.” I thought that was a good idea, but I should do outfit posts and started blogging groups (which I suck at) and throw conferences (which I also suck at) and do way too much. I would compare myself to my favorite bloggers and online personalities and go after their goals. I wanted to fluff up myself, while Hubs knew the whole time that being myself without the fluff and sharing it through original content presented beautifully was enough. When he shared that he didn’t necessarily understand what the point of all these other ideas were or asked why I couldn’t just share them on Mattieologie (versus four other sites), I’d retaliate to prove him wrong. Which made me recently ask myself: why would you fight someone who’s on your side?

I’ve had interns, assistants, etc. – both good and bad – but I have to say that bringing myself to fully work with Hubs willingly and learning not to take what he had to say about my blog personally has done way more good than any other person that’s worked for me. From making sure business taxes get done to ensuring that business cards are cut perfectly, he’s not only willing to put in work for Mattieologie but excited to do it. And that energy transfers onto some of the awesome things you’ve seen here on the blog.

Now that I’ve stopped fighting him, we have really gotten to sit down – as partners – and draw out a clear map of what we want Mattieologie to be. Because of the many amazing opportunities, we understand that at almost 5 years of existing that it doesn’t just stop at the blog and could truly create a livelihood for our family. Good additions and changes are coming not only on the blog but in our life and we’re excited to share. I do truly believe in my motto, “Live What You Love” and I love my husband, so I’ve decided to make a living with him…through my blog.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself and this is all coming from my personal experience. But if you’re lucky enough to have a partner – like I do – who is excited about your dream, your blog, your life just as much as you are, don’t fight it. Embrace it and you’ll see the wonderful places it’ll take the both of you.

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  1. Loved this post! Glad you two found some common ground and can’t wait to see how far you take the Mattieologie brand!

  2. Elizabeth

    Great post! I don’t recall how I even found your blog, but I love it. And I’ve seen your focus change over the years and it has been for the better. Congrats on living what you love and congrats and becoming a mom. You will soon feel a love like no other. All the best to you and your hubby!

  3. Love reading this! You guys make a great team. Congratulations on the new journey, can’t wait to see what’s next :)

  4. “Hubs knew the whole time that being myself without the fluff and sharing it through original content presented beautifully was enough.” Yes. This. Trying to remind myself of it all the time.

    I love that your man helps you with so much! Brandon is emotionally very supportive of my blog, but as busy as he is with his own career (which is completely different from mine) he’s unable to help with much. I am just grateful that he reads and appreciates it. It’s crucial to have your partner on your side in any capacity.

  5. What an awesome post!! There’s nothing like having someone in your corner, earnestly working with you to make dreams, realities, and it’s an extra blessing to have that with your husband! Looking forward to the further growth of your blog!

  6. That is really incredible to have someone so supportive and willing to help bring your dreams to life in your corner. ‘Marry well,’ Mom would always say and it seems to me that you’ve done just that. Keep up the good work and we are all excited to see where this journey takes you both!

  7. What an aswesome team. My husband, though frustrating, isn’t always so gung-ho about my dream. He takes all the pics and helps me here and there but i think because the $$ ain’t a flowing, he’s not as excited…we’re both pursuing our passions while working fulltime outside of the home and parenting our son…and you know what blogging and vlogging entails…WORK…But you are very blessed indeed to have that man in your corner. Much success to you both!

  8. I love your honesty in this post and I love that Hubs is so involved with Mattieologie. I can’t wait to see where Mattieologie goes from here!

  9. It is great that he supports you and that you are both investing on making your brand successful!

  10. This speaks so much into my current situation with my partner in crime! I want to fight so much against him keeping me responsible on the fact of me wanting to start a blog in the first place. He is an amazing support system on this journey! How blessed are you to have such an awesome backbone with your hubby! I’m looking forward to future posts!

  11. Love this post! I smiled the entire time reading this post, there is nothing more beautiful than having a partner or just people around you who support your dreams. I love that you stand to be authentically you and that your hubs supports that 100%.

    You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


  12. This is a great post! Love that you were so candid about everything! Very inspirational!

    xo, Kenya

  13. Yes, it is a dream to have some that is enthusiastic about your entrepreneurship dreams. Glad you gave in…lol. I am a new blogger myself but hubby is not at all interested in anything I do…bummer! My motto “Embrace Your Style And Live FEARLESSLY” Jorshaq

  14. Ria

    You guys are just the cutest.

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