Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

Mattieologie: Harder Than It Looks

DRESS: Prabal Gurung x Target (similar) // SHOES: Prabal Gurung x Target (similar) // BAG: JustFab // SUNNIES: Ray Ban

I really wanted to be lazy this weekend.

After throwing a house party for my birthday on Friday (which I’m not sure why I would do such a thing while being pregnant), I was pooped. I had THE BEST TIME with the 30 people that came, but it was a lot.

Saturday, I wanted to nap all day but had a contractor in my house at noon, my sister was in town from Charlotte + Hubs and I had to run miscellaneous errands for the house projects we have going on.

Sunday, we taught children’s church, grabbed a quick bite to eat, saw Maleficient (it was good!) and then I thoroughly pep talked myself into taking photos for the blog because I was what they call UNMOTIVATED.

I was tired. And still trying to catch up to the fact that the weekend was indeed over and I had to find the energy to get ready for the work week. I did not want to put on makeup, do my hair, find cute photogenic outfits AND think of somewhere to shoot. But, somehow, I found it in me to push through.

I loved mixing all these patterns together to create an eclectic girly look. Most of the colors in the dress and bag were in the same color family so it worked. I thought the shoes and glasses topped it off nicely.

I wish I could tell you that I get up every single day super enthusiastic to shoot for my blog that I love very much. I wish I could tell you that it isn’t tough to separate business from personal when shooting & working with Hubs on the blog. I wish I could tell you that I didn’t have to go through 125+ photos to find the perfect 6 or 7 pics for a post. I wish I could tell you that the pictures came out perfect and I didn’t have to crop, edit & enhance them to be blog ready. I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t take an hour or so to put up a (good) blog post. I wish I could tell you that it wasn’t 7 in the morning as I was typing this because getting a blog post up before 9 am guarantees you more hits on your blog. I wish I could tell you it was easy.

But it’s way harder than it looks.

So whether you want to get straight A’s, become a fashion editor, do this blogging thing or become the top executive at your job, know that WHATEVER your dream is, accomplishing it is way harder than you think. The good news: it’s not impossible.

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

14 Responses to Harder Than It Looks

  1. Your posts are so profound! Reminds me that I need to push through on those days that I should wake up 15 minutes earlier so I can get some quick photos before work.

    Thanks for the reminder and love the outfit!


  2. Well aren’t I glad I stumbled upon this post today! Your words ring so so so very true. And you make me miss my pregnant belly and that I had taken more photos and blogged more while I was pregnant! Now that my son is 11 months old I’m feeling that itch…ha ha ha…But yes, it is soooo much work ( as a mom, blogger,vlogger, and full-time job holder) lay people just don’t understand the work it takes just to get 3-4 pics. You look LOVELY, btw and can’t wait to see pics of the baby!

  3. Ohhh girl, I know that feeling of being unmotivated, but like you said we’ve got to push through – I love how open and profound you are. There is no time for fairy tale stories, when the truth is sometimes we will be up and other times we’ll be down, but it is all about knowing what we want!

    Looking gorgeous too – and as you said, it is harder than it looks.


  4. Brittany

    You look great! Thanks for the tip. I never knew it was better to post to blogs before 9am. I will have to keep that in mind the next time I am blogging late at night. Note to self: Press publish in the morning.


  5. I thank you for the motivation, and I am quickly beginning to understand where you’re coming from. I’m working on taking my blog to thr next level and it’s working, but it’s work! From preplanning and drafting posts to constantly thinking of unique content. I often take many beauty shots and only a few make the cut, but I love it! And I’m still doing it for free.

  6. WOW! The “I wish paragraph” towards the end, I mean its as if you put everything I was thinking in my head and typed it up on this blog post. Loved the the heels and dress.

  7. You go girl!!!!!

  8. Rae

    The fact that you are so relatable and charming makes girls my age want to be you. I can easily read your blog and it flows together effortlessly. I look up to in so many ways. Not just as a blogger, but as a person in general. Thanks for the reality check. Loved the pictures by the way. Pregnancy look amazing on you!

  9. Girl! High-five on all the hard work it takes to do just ONE blog post if you are really serious about your blogging career. Yes to all of that plus the zero control we have over the weather when we need to shoot outfits. I think people have no idea. It only looks easy. Cute look!

  10. You look beautiful, as usual. But I know it isn’t easy. Being a mom of three and a aspiring blogger, sometimes I have to schedule myself to pee! lol
    You are such a inspiration to me, hang in there and as always thanks for sharing.

  11. charilove

    Well you make it all look effortless. You’re serving! The end.

  12. I knew right when I saw the first photo that your dress was from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection! It looks incredible on you. Honestly, I think a lot of pieces in that collection looked better on than just sitting there on the hanger. Happy belated birthday! :)

  13. This is a very motivational post. Thanks!
    Btw, you look stunning! I love the dress and those cute sandals.

  14. OOP!!!!!!!!!

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