Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

Mattieologie: Focused

SWEATER: Topshop c/o Nordstrom // PANTS: Topshop c/o Nordstrom // SHOES: JustFab (similar) // SUNNIES: c/o Filthy Magic // WATCH: Target // RINGS: Forever 21 & H&M

It’s funny. I’ve been working with the amazing Porsha, the photographer who’s been shooting my photos the past week. Whenever I work with someone who shoots for my blog, I’m prepared. Meaning I bring my own camera, pick a location, have a vision, blah, blah, blah. I have a rhythm. A trusted system. That’s worked for a while.

She used my camera for this post and about 5 frames in, she mentions that she’d like to use her camera instead to ensure the photos are focused. I agree. She uses her camera, and in my opinion, the photos turned out better than my camera would’ve produced.

I’m a very particular person. I take aesthetic and presentation more seriously than the average person. (That would probably explain why I’m a style blogger. LOL.) I’d like to think I work hard. But as focused as I am, I am always interested in getting better. And sometimes that takes an outside source. I could have easily told Porsha no, “we’ve always done it this way” and I’d never have gotten these better photos. I’d much rather be ready than right.

I’m absolutely in love with this Topshop cable knit sweater. I love the color and I think they contrast perfectly with these floral printed pants. Speaking of contrast, I talk about it more in an article I wrote today.

I hope Thursday is being good to all of you. If you woke up today, then it’s being great :)

all photos by Porsha Antalan

3 Responses to Focused

  1. Michelle

    I Love the pants print against that sweater as well

  2. Moi

    Hi Mattie,

    I adore the floral print pants and the silver high heels (I miss mine soooo much), but with me going back to school in a rather fashion-challenged small town I have found myself in a rut of jeans, t-shirts and combat boots.
    But I find myself getting more inspired with every post I read from you, so I might be donning some heels despite the low temperatures and the cobble stone pavement over here !

    And I would totally add “and if you got out of bed today” to your last sentence.
    But that’s probably just for me as I am a notorious snooze-button-hitter. :-)

    XXX Moi

  3. Love this! I am a sucker for printed pants and adding the sweater to the pair you are wearing really make your outfit stand out without clashing. Cute!

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