Mattieologie: Five

Mattieologie: Five

Mattieologie: Five

Mattieologie: Five

Mattieologie: Five


DRESS: ZARA // NECKLACE: J. Crew (similar) // SHOES: ZARA (similar) // BAG: Target // SUNNIES: Ray Ban // BRACELETS: Forever 21, Etsy

I’m not really sure where the time went, but I’m already 20 weeks. AKA five months. As someone who’s been in the practically same body since high school, I’ve been getting used to having a belly and boobs. Not to sound like everything’s perfect, but I love being pregnant. I’ve been so blessed to have a nearly perfect pregnancy.

I haven’t really bought any maternity clothes with the exception of skinny jeans. (Pants are like the devil when you’re pregnant, in my opinion.) I’ve just been buying clothes a size up and they’ve been working. Shopping is a lot more of a task but, it’s like you’ve hit the lottery when you find something that does work.

When I saw this dress in ZARA, I had a talk with Jesus about making it fit. I love the skirt on it and since it’s a medium (versus being a maternity dress) I plan on getting it taken in once I have baby to fit it. These shoes I scored from ZARA a couple of seasons ago still rock my world.

3 Responses to Five

  1. Love the bright pink lippie! And you look gorgeous! I want to be pregnant again!

  2. Brittany

    Cute dress!I love that you still have great style and haven’t resorted to sweats and a t-shirt for maternity wear. P.S. I think it’s a boy :)

  3. So cute! One stylish pregnant woman!

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