December 2012 Favorites

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Happy New Year, loves! I’m so excited to share my first video of 2013 and with my new camera. That’s why I’m not so blurry anymore. A moment of silence for my Flip cam.

3 Responses to December 2012 Favorites

  1. I live for these videos! Love that shirt too! It’s in my shopping cart right now. Happy New Year!

  2. mo

    I just bought the Rebel T31 too! about a month and a half ago and it was such a great upgrade for my site! no more fuzziness!! I love it!

  3. Ria

    I love that Sephora brush set, I need it and it’s all your fault. I never got the first Naked but I can’t get enough of Naked 2. I’m a Urban Decay junkie, it’s one of the better pigmented brands for women of color. I have almost every palette they’ve ever done lol. Don’t blow on your makeup girl! lol.

    As a Canon girl, I’m glad that you went Canon. That was my first camera, though I only had it for a week before my boyfriend decided we needed a 7D. I want a full frame like I need air. One day…I need to work on fixing the 7D I broke T_T


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