Change of Hair

I’ve been going back and forth with myself about rocking my natural hair. About 8 weeks ago, I chopped off all the relaxed – and severly damaged – part of my hair and decided it was time to go natural. I haven’t been wearing it out – thanks to weaves and wigs – but quite frankly it’s just too hot for that. I saw my parents last weekend and they’re rooting for me to rock my short hair. As my Dad said, “I can’t see your face, and you have a good face.” My hair is about the length of Kelis’ in her new video, “Fourth of July.” I’ve also been debating color, because black – according to family & friends – is too daunting for my complexion. At least, all year round. I’m really leaning towards the color Kelis has, this reddish brown. Seems like an appropriate choice for summer. Kelis by the way? STUNNING. I’m hoping I can at least look half as good if I do make this choice.

Loving this pearl hat she has on.

3 Responses to Change of Hair

  1. Hectorlyne Wuor

    I think you should do it. I recently made the big chop, and now i love my hair. The freedom of it all. Be bold. Im sure you’ll look great!

  2. Rachel

    YES!!!!! As a fair skinned African American woman whose been rocking my natural for 4+ years now, I encourage you to experiment with color and embrace the chop.

  3. Taniqua Russ

    Go for it!!! Natural hair is so much fun and you’ll feel so liberated. It’ll look so good on you! But dont throw away those weaves and wigs b/c in the winter your head WILL get cold lol.

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