How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

How To Wear A Camel Coat

COAT: Bitten by SJP (old – similar) // SWEATER & JEANS: Target // SHOES: ZARA // BAG: ZARA // SUNNIES: c/o Filthy Magicsimilar

You know I had to reach far back in my closet to pull this post off. I haven’t worn this coat (from Sarah Jessica Parker’s short lived ‘Bitten’ clothing line that I lived for, by the way) in a year so. I kind of had to reteach myself how to wear a camel coat. If you ask me, a camel winter coat is a staple. So unless it has holes in it, there’s really no reason to buy a new one. However, if you don’t have one, I suggest you get your hands on one, STAT. Modest budget? Thrift one. Or rock your mom’s old one that she no longer wears. You ever raid your mom’s closet? Whether she’s a self proclaimed fashionista or more low key, she’s got some gems in there. Do yourself a favor.

Anyways, when it comes to wearing a camel coat you want to treat it like it’s an accessory. The hero piece. The color is a neutral, so it really goes with any outfit. You certainly want to pay attention to the length of it. If it’s shorter, it’ll be more casual. If it’s floor length, it’ll certainly be more formal. Medium length is ideal because you can wear it for any occasion.

I opted for a more casual look. I wore a black oversized sweater with boyfriend jeans. It was a nice day, but in typical February fashion it was still very cool. But for the sake of my sanity, I opted for something other than boots or booties and decided to bust out my tricolor T-strap heels from ZARA. If you’re going to wear a laid back outfit like the one I’m wearing, I love a pop of fancy in the accessories – be it shoes or jewelry. Today, the fancy is in my shoes.

all photos by Porsha Antalan

7 Responses to Camel

  1. Great fashion tips today, girl! CanĀ“t believe those jeans are from Target. LOVE!

  2. I absolutely love this look & also I was obsessed with Bitten by SJP as well. I have a LBD that I pull out from time to time that always gets lots of love. I am loving that bag & jeans, very nicely styled!

  3. Dee

    Love the combination of cool and fancy, great outfit!
    Ms Dee Kay

  4. I didn’t know she (SJP) had a clothing line. Dis you check out her new shoes line based off of S&A? Anyway, love that hair color on you and that coat would be great for me to have. All my jackets are emo right now, lol.

  5. Love the coat! And the way your paired it with the zara heals. Gorgeous!!


  6. Cynthia

    Love this hair style on you. One of your more better hair-styles:). You’re just gorgeous Mattie!

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