Bottle Service: 10 Scents You Should Wear

It’s pretty simple. We base our first impression off of looks – especially as women. Presentation is everything. So it’s no surprise that the best scents are the ones that have the prettiest bottles. Here are 10 scents you should be rocking this season and what they say about you.

WHAT & WHERE: Lola by Marc Jacobs
HOW MUCH: $85 (for 3.4 oz)
SCENT: Fuchsia peony
WHO: Party girl a la Carrie Bradshaw
WHEN: A night out with the girls.
WHY: Because it lets people know that you’re a spontaneous kind of girl who takes her fragrances seriously.

WHAT & WHERE: Sexy Little Things Noir
HOW MUCH: $49 for 3.4 oz
SCENT: juicy apple, sparkling citrus, pineapple, guanabana, mouthwatering pear, red fruit, bergamot
WHO: Flirty meets seductive.
WHEN: On the fifth date when things are getting serious.
WHY: Because it says I’m interested without being desperate.

WHAT & WHERE: The One by D&G
HOW MUCH: $92 for 2.5 oz
SCENT: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lychee, Peach, Madonna Lily, Muguet, Plum, Jasmine, Vetiver, Vanilla, Amber, Musk
WHO: Business meets pleasure.
WHEN: At a networking event or business lunch where you want to impress.
WHY: Just because you’re about business doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have a good time.

WHAT & WHERE: Michael Kors for Women
HOW MUCH: $72 for 1.7 oz
SCENT: Dewy Freesia, Tamarind, Chinese Osmanthus, Incense, Fresh Tuberose, White Wings Peony, Blue Orris, Arum Lilies, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver Haiti
WHO: Socialite
WHEN: The red carpet or a cocktail party hosted by you
WHY: Because the world is yours.

WHAT & WHERE: Burberry for Women
HOW MUCH: $60 for 1.7 oz
SCENT: Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean
WHO: Global meets Classic
WHEN: Catching a cab or a red-eye flight
WHY: Because jetsetting should be done in style.

WHAT & WHERE: Angel by Thierry Mugler
HOW MUCH: $48 for .33 oz
SCENT: Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin
WHO: The friend everyone wants to be like
WHEN: On holidays, weddings and birthdays
WHY: Because nobody should smell better than you.

WHAT & WHERE: Heat by Beyonce
HOW MUCH: $69 for 50ml
SCENT: Red vanilla orchid, honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon
WHO: The newlywed wife
WHEN: The honeymoon night
WHY: Because sometimes he needs a reminder on how lucky he is.

WHAT & WHERE: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
HOW MUCH: $55 for 1.7 oz
SCENT: Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods
WHO: The Good Girl
WHEN: Taking a run in the park or a walk on the beach
WHY: Happiness is like perfume; You can’t give it away without getting a little on yourself.

WHAT & WHERE: Be Delicious by DKNY
HOW MUCH: $70 for 3.4 oz
SCENT: Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber
WHO: Miss Independent
WHEN: Out, about and flying solo
WHY: Because you smell good for yourself and nobody else.

WHAT & WHERE: Covet: Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker
HOW MUCH: $58 for 1.7 oz
SCENT: Base notes of amber, creamy musk, sandalwood
WHO: The Girly Girl
WHEN: Special occasions
WHY: Because worth & quality are appreciated in scarcity.

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