Black & White

Mattieologie: Black & White

JUMPER: Ark & Co. (a cute option) | SHOES: JustFab (similar) | BRACELETS: Honesty Jewelry, Forever 21 | EARRINGS: borrowed from a friend (love these!)

Mattieologie: Black & White

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Mattieologie: Black & White

Mattieologie: Black & White

Mattieologie: Black & White

Mattieologie: Black & White

Mattieologie: Black & White

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m totally into jumpers. Like they will never get old to me. When I saw this number I almost ran out of the store with it. Don’t worry, I paid for it first.

This weekend was great. I got to catch up with old friends and connect with new ones alike. We had a conversation about the things we want – in life and in relationships – and how we ask for the things we want instead of just going out and getting them. A friend expressed what she wanted out of a relationship – a title – and that she planned on asking for it this week. I suggested she TELL him – not ask him for – what she wanted because so many times when we ask for something, things become very gray. Because people don’t answer you honestly all the time for the sake of sparing your feelings. If you’re direct, unapologetic and CLEAR, you tend to get a better response. When you keep it black & white, you usually get it right.

That rhymed. Mission accomplished.

9 Responses to Black & White

  1. Fabulous hair to toe look and great words of advice!

  2. This looks amazing on you! It’s so chic! I agree with your advice. And your rhyme. Lol

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  3. melissafff

    Fab look darling…. amazing advice

    Melissa of Faith Family Fashion

  4. I thought this was a top and pants instead of a jumper. I was about to say “Let me borrow that top.” Cute!

  5. malaika

    I think this outfit is really cute. And the Senegal twists…gurl, you are working it!

  6. I am loving this look. Its sexy yet classy.


  7. Ria

    Love the Alaia version of that top, every time I see a version of it my soul cries because I KNOW in my heart I’mma have to cop a version of it. LOL but I haven’t ACCEPTED it yet. Love this look especially the length and flow of these pants and of course the fact that they’re sheer. You’re working the hell out of them braids. Makes me want braids again but I don’t know that I could endure the time. Woo.

  8. LOVING your hair lately. You look fabulous.

  9. One word…LOVE!

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