Birthday Things


My birthday was a month ago, but I certainly had to share the lovely gifts my fantastic friends got for me…and a few things I picked up myself. From body butters to electric blue handbags, I touch on these new favorite items as mine. While the video is a jambalaya of favorites and haul items, I’ve just decided to call it “Birthday Things”. Check it out below.

3 Responses to Birthday Things

  1. kudos to your husband for having good taste !!
    you look great, & adore the background.
    going to try that urban decay concealor. thanks.

  2. Totally perfect usage of the world jambalaya. I need to add it to my blogging dialogue.

  3. Britt

    Hey Mattie,
    Just an FYI Voluspa candles are on sale at Nords (Anniversary Sale) They have a box of 3 wick tins for 35.00.

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