Mattie Memo: Beauty Chat with Keesha Sharp

You know her as William’s wife from Girlfriends and the outgoing best friend on TBS’s Are We There Yet? I got the chance to chat with the charming Keesha Sharp on her favorite beauty products, the best part about the red carpet and how she plans on staying in shape this spring. See what the television sweetheart had to say about her hair, makeup and fitness regimen:

Hey Keesha! Thanks so much for taking some time out to talk to Mattieologie.
No problem at all. Thanks for having me.

I’m such a fan and I’ve always loved your hair. With the weather getting warmer, what’s your hair regimen for the spring?
I have to weave it up or else it’ll get damaged. With the television schedule, the heat was damaging my real hair. We were putting heat on it everyday! I’m a health nut and believe in natural hair. My mom was a stylist and when I was younger, she would relax my hair. I don’t like relaxers. My natural hair is the same length as the weave though. I love big hair! If I want it extra, extra big I would put some clips. I use Fekkai. The protein, it’s the stuff that Oprah uses. I also use coconut oil. I do apple cider vinegar – if you have any scalp issues it helps. Before I wash it. It stimulates your scalp.

Not only do you have gorgeous hair, but flawless skin. What’s your secret?
For one, I use this product called Epicuren. It’s very expensive but worth it. I also use lemons, honey and sugar – all organic. I squeeze the lemons on a cotton ball and rub it on my face. It clears up dark spots. I use honey as a mask. I leave that on for at least 20 mins. You can do it all day, it gets a little messy but if you’re at home it works. Add water to the sugar to create a scrub and then rinse it all off with warm water.

What’s your favorite part about getting ready for the red carpet?
Finding the dress. It doesn’t have to be a designer dress. It just has to be a great dress. It can even be a dress from the thrift store. I also like the hair and makeup part. Maximo, who’s my makeup artist, is like a color master. I have a hard complexion to match. Not just as a woman of color, but period. He uses an airbrush too. It was a $120 which isn’t too bad. But when I’m at home I don’t care if the color isn’t perfect. It’s like, who cares? (laughs)

What’s the absolute must have product in your make up arsenal?
I have to have eyeliner. The ones I use are MAC. Engraved and the other one is called Graphed. And I have to have mascara. I’ve tried organic ones, but they don’t work as well. It doesn’t matter what kind I have as long as I have it.

We’re all in get in shape mode as the time for swimsuit rapidly approaches. Any workout secrets?
I eat well and have to. I don’t do gluten, soy, sugar. I have Thyroid issues. I don’t care about weight, I care about health. I don’t really workout because genetically I just have a lot of muscle. And I don’t want to get bulky. It’s gross. (laughs) But, I love kickboxing. I just tried cycling but gym machines have the tendency to bore me. I like to get out. Get out and walk for 20 mins. Turn the music on in your house and dance for an hour. You need to find something you can do every day. Go sit in the sauna for up to 30 mins. It can be a lot if you’re not careful though. So work up to it.

5 Responses to Mattie Memo: Beauty Chat with Keesha Sharp

  1. Nice work! I might try her beauty regimen. Her skin is gorgeous.

  2. I know! Her hair and skin are amazing :)

  3. Keke Rachel

    I have tried the honey mask, but I definitely will be giving those lemons a try!

  4. I love this article because its always comforting to know there is no magic trick she buys expensive facial wash, uses honey mask puts vinegar on her scalp eats well etc. You don’t wake up camera ready it takes work but when you get to do what you love that kinda work is just a beautiful part of the journey.

  5. Exactly, Michelle. She has a great regimen and obviously it pays off.

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