Balancing Act

Mattieologie: Balancing Act

TOP: H&M – men’s (similar) // SKIRT: Free People // SHOES: ZARA // EARRINGS: borrowed (similar) // WATCH: Target

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Mattieologie: Balancing Act

Mattieologie: Balancing Act

Mattieologie: Balancing Act

Mattieologie: Balancing Act

I have a little secret to share: blogging is hard. a lot of work.

Especially in addition to just my everyday life. My 9 to 5. Being a wife. Being social. This particular day we shot, I was just all over the place. I forgot to put on eyeliner. And I literally did my hair plus put on lipstick in the middle of the street before we started shooting. A blogging balancing act.

Here’s what I learned out of all of it: it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being complete.

Ten days until the Style Bloggers of Color Conference! You got your tickets, right?

all photos by Diamonde Williamson for Mattieologie

5 Responses to Balancing Act

  1. I am so totally with you on this one! I always pack my accessories and make up in my purse to put on right before a photo shoot:)

  2. I hear you, girl, a balancing act indeed! After just over one year of blogging, I’m still a work-in-progress as far as finding just the right balance but I’m better than I was a few months ago. Thankful for that! Love the ‘fit. Bring Style Bloggers of Color to NYC next year & I’ll be there! ;-)

  3. You are so gorgeous! Big hoops are my fav! I love the mix of patterns here. And blogging is hard and you manage to do it daily so I commend you for that, your content is always so lovely.

  4. Your right! I just call it no sleep and lots of coffee!

  5. You’re keeping everything floating though. You’ve had back to back posts this week, so at least you’re doing your blog and it’s not doing you. Love that skirt!

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