Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

DRESS: no name | VEST: Imperfect Concepts camo jacket | BOOTS: JustFab | BAG: H&M | SUNNIES: Target | NECKLACE: Express | WATCH: Target

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!

Mattieologie: Atten-SHUN!
So, I had a lot of running around to do today. I tossed on a no name dress I got for $10 like 3 years ago. I paired it with this camo vest which is actually a camo vest I got from Imperfect Concepts earlier this year. It’s amazing how cutting off the sleeves will transform a piece. I love it. Oh and these braids? LIIIIIFE.

It’s like one of those super busy weeks. My things to do list seems to never end. Like every time I cross one thing off, then three things get added. LOL. I can’t win for losing. But good things are happening and the blog is getting the kind of attention I want. So if I complain, it’d be silly. Only 6 weeks until the Style Bloggers of Color conference in Miami! Are you coming?

all photos by Diamonde Williamson

10 Responses to Atten-SHUN!

  1. WHOAH! I LOVE the braids on you they suit your face so well : )

  2. You look amazing!

  3. You look great! I’m very much looking forward to meeting you at the conference :)

  4. You’re freakin’ adorable and I want your hair. I’m happy you’re happy!

  5. Ria

    Woo! Can’t wait to see you. I adore the braids. So. Freckin. Good. Love the transformed jacket as well and you’re rockin that dress.

  6. I love the whole look. I love the military vest with your neck boots.


  7. Gorgeous military inspired outfit, lady! Love it! :-) /Mads

  8. Wow…i have been seriously considering cutting off the sleeves to my camo jacket to make it into a vest..ha! Love how you rocked it! Go mattie!

  9. You are wearing those braids well & that CAMO! SALUTE!

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