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So…much has been going on. Like a lot. And it’s funny because I truly believe that there is a lack of Mattie here on MATTIEologie. And so, I’ve decided to fill you guys in and give everyone a larger peek into my life. So, if you don’t care for me, naturally this wouldn’t be the place for you. (Hence, the name.)

Well, it’s already that time. It’s been a year since I’ve become Miss Liberia GA and Miss Liberia USA. On Sunday, I gave up the crown to a lovely young lady named Mahja. She’s fabulous and I’ll be mentioning her more I’m sure. But I’ve got to admit, it was a pretty bittersweet moment. And come, July 23 someone else will be the reigning Miss Liberia USA. I’m sad, yet incredibly grateful for this experience and opportunity. As they say, “Every end is a new beginning.”

A lot of other FANTASTIC things have been happening. I’ve been writing fashion and lifestyle for SINGERSROOM – which I love. It’s been giving me much room to grow as a writer. I’ve also been regularly freelancing for ROLLING OUT. I’m very happy about this because I’m really becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. (Someone who got paid for writing what they think.) It’s something I’ve been meaning to share, but didn’t want to come off as “bragging” I guess.

I got a lot of slack for my MARRIED AT 25 post. Truthfully, I lost some friends over it as well. But as it turns out sometimes good things fall apart so greater things can come together. I’ve learned as a writer that not everyone is going to agree with you and some people disagree harder than others. My intention as a writer is never to offend, but to always be honest with how I feel about what I write.

So, sure I’m losing the crown and I’ve lost some friends, but the last thing I’m about to do is feel sorry for myself. I am tremendously blessed and if that’s bragging well then…I don’t know what to tell you. But writing how I feel is therapy and I refuse to hide how I feel about something. I am unapologetically being more open from now on when it comes to the site. It helps me grow, it helps me think and this is just how I get a lot off my chest.

With my new writing gigs, I’ve been slightly overwhelmed – in a good, progressive way – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m looking for more gigs honestly and really trying to put my stamp on the new media world. But I am growing and with growth comes growing pains and I’ve definitely had my share. So here I am. A writer. I’m published – in print and on the web and that has always been the goal.

I’m headed to NYC for Africa Fashion Week in a few days and I cannot wait! It’s going to be great. I’ve got some other good news that I can’t share just yet. But I just wanted to let all of you know, I appreciate you. I know I’ve been neglecting the site a bit, but know I haven’t forgot about you. I’m here. I’ve just been busy growing as of lately…

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  2. JayJo

    It is impossible to please everybody and if you attempt to do so you will be inflicting misery on the most important person… YOU. I don’t know your friends and I am most certainly ignorant to the situation with them, but the beauty about friendship is accepting each other and knowing that a good friend would never intentionally cause harm and act out of malice. Therefore if anyone believes you intended to hurt them or send subliminal blows directed at them, then obviously their definition of friendship is different from yours.Being open and honest at times pisses off people because the truth is sometimes harder for people to deal with and accept. We live in such a PC society, where people tap dance around the truth, but when someone speaks their truth about a situation people misconstrue it as something hurtful. It’s always hard loosing friends, (I’m also going through this) but not everyone was meant to arrive at the final destination with you. I am still having trouble accepting this, but it’s the TRUTH.

    Never let anyone or anything rob you of your joy and accomplishments. Don’t dim your light so they can shine. If their light is bright enough they will shine just as bright. Often times as women, in attempt to not be labeled a “show off”, we don’t celebrate our accomplishments enough because we don’t want to appear as if we are bragging. Oh well, as women especially women of color we need to celebrate and take pride in all that we do. For so long we have been told “NO” , “You Can’t Do That”or “You’re not pretty enough”, etc. Therefore when we do accomplish all the things we were told we couldn’t, we should celebrate them. If someone has a problem with that tell them to take that negativity somewhere else. Misery loves company and people that are miserable don’t like to see someone happy and prevailing.

    Congrats on everything and keep pushing forward. Once a queen…. ALWAYS a queen.

  3. Uh…. “JayJo” said it all.

  4. Racheal

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments…That’s what friends do regardless of our fall outs…We’ve known each other through humble beginnings and major life happenings. Although we don’t speak much, I just though I’d let you know that I support you, sometimes from afar. What makes you happy is what makes you happy and most importantly you know what that is…Congrats and keep going.

    As for what others may say about the situation, I dare not judge unless you know the situation and know how it was dealt with. Yes, there was a falling out but each situation is different and how we deal with ours may not be the same. “Misery” is not always the problem, but pure misunderstanding and a loss in translation…

    The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

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