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Welcome to Mattieologie. It’s a place where I – Mattie James, an Atlanta based style blogger – share with you – the readers – what I like, where I shop, what I wear, who I admire and how I live my life. But in a nutshell, Mattieologie is HOW TO LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE THROUGH PERSONAL STYLE.

Each time you read Mattieologie, I hope I encourage you to live what you love through your personal style. (To stay encouraged, be sure to SUBSCRIBE.) I sprinkle touches of Mattie on everything because I decided that if I was gonna do this, I was going to do it by being my genuine self and celebrate the things I love on a daily basis.

I’ve always been the type of girl to enjoy the things that make her feminine: dresses, make up, shoes, jewelry, and pretty nails. Once I started blogging about them, I couldn’t stop. Posts went from sporadic to weekly then daily. And then the brand of Mattieologie was born. I was a top ten finalist for Sunglass Hut’s Full Time Fabulous blogger competiton, have been mentioned in The New York Times and was named one of ESSENCE.com’s Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers (#8). I’m also the style editor for Cocoa Fab.

The goal is to highlight and showcase the things that make me special, make me smile and that make sense in this space called Mattieologie. Not because someone else is doing it or because it’s the latest trend but because somewhere along the line I fell in love wearing it, loving it, doing it or living it. Hopefully, I encourage you to do the same.

This is Mattieologie. Where I live what I love.

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