9 Ways to Look Better in Pictures

We’ve all had that moment where we’re at an event and a photographer takes our picture. We think we look good and when we see it, we’re terribly disappointed with how the photo turned out. (I am proof of this on many occasions.) So, after some help from a friend I got some posing tips and I decided to share the wealth.

1. Cross Your Ankles/Legs To Create An Angle: Whenever you pose for a picture, you always want to create a shape. Shapes can conceal your “bad areas” or even make you seem curvier depending on how you stand. They say the camera adds on 10 lbs. so it’s important that you look like your actual self come camera time. Creating a shape/illusion is the way to go.

Never pose only straight up and down: Because of her lack of “pose” we didn’t really get to appreciate her shoes, the silhouette of the dress or her legs.

2. Perfect Chin Placement: Whether you like her or not, Paris Hilton knows how to give you good face because she’s very aware of it. When in pictures, the slightest misplacement of your chin can make or break your face. Held too high and I can see straight down your nostrils and held too low you can cut off your neck. Beware of the chin. Pretend as if you’re holding an orange under it.

3. Pose According to Your Wardrobe: NEWSFLASH – The way you pose in an evening gown isn’t the same way you would pose in a pair skinny jeans. Pay attention and show off your outfit. If you’re in a dress that has a great exit, be sure to show that to the camera (see Rule #8) or if you’re in a fabulous pair of jeans, make sure they’re seen.

4. The Sit and Lean: When you’re getting photographed sitting down, lean forward. Your collar bone is beautifully exposed, you waist is further away (which makes it look smaller) and you’re still creating a shape. Just remember to place your chin properly.

5. Work Your Accessories! We all know, accessories can really add to an outfit. That’s only if we know how to work them, pictures included. Above, Eva Longoria gives a great example of using her clutch to pose. She’s held it in front her to create a shape that really works. Kim Kardashian is also a good example with her look from the Kentucky Derby. She’s working the hat not letting it work her. The way she’s held her head is perfect – it’s not overwhelming her or compromising her face. It’s all in the little things that make a big difference.

6. Put Your Best Side Forward: Everyone has their best side (mine is my right side). It’s important that whatever the case maybe, you get that side photographed. A prime example is Pink and Shakira above. Even though they’re both wearing the same dress and are petite women, Pink looks longer, leaner and made sure to turn her head (just slightly) for us to get her best side. It makes her stand out. Whenever you look at the picture, your eyes easily gravitate to her. Take note.

7. Make the Picture, Don’t Let It Make You: In any given situation, at any given time, things can work against you. Maybe someone is standing in the way or maybe the photographer is facing you straight on. Move to the side, slant your body and OWN that picture. No one said being fabulous was easy. At least folks want to take your picture. That’s more than most can say, so make it work!

8. Flaunt Your Assets: If you’ve got great legs like Katy Perry, show them! If your back is amazing like Kate Hudson, make sure it’s photographed. Learning how to flaunt your assets is a sure way to create a signature pose or incredibly memorable picture. Paying attention to your assets in pictures can create great shape and really compliment your ensemble. It’s a win-win!

9. Be the Center of Attention: Look there are many times where we take pics with other people, but it’s important that we still get our pose together. If you’re on the left and your best side is your right, turn your head. Pay attention to your chin, assets and ensemble. Even if you’re going out with your beau like Diane Kruger above (with Joshua Jackson) be thoroughly attentive. Even though she’s holding her man’s hand, she’s still far enough from him to make sure you take in her ridiculously beautiful gown. Stand out, own the picture and strike a pose.


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  4. hi, i love paris. she is funny and i can’t wait to hear what she will do next! x

  5. This post is great.

  6. MsShayBunny

    I had to come back to this two years later….I have a friend who I text pics to and she always says she can’t get good pictures…I was scouring your blog looksing for this to send to her because it was SO HELPFUL! You should start doing vintage posts of reader favorites so the newbies to Mattieologie can get some of these classic golden nuggets!

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